The Kingdom of Heaven is within you

“The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

We are living on a planet right now which is in a state of great confusion. To overcome this confusion we need to stop using the information and intellect that are from this world.

Meditation is the most fitting means to gain the proper understanding, for and from it.

Just as Jesus has spoken many times: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” we turn in meditation towards ourselves and gaze into the infinite vastness of the Creator.

Thus unfolds, step by step, the wisdom that many great teachers have attempted to present to the humans.

based on a message from the beings of Hatonn on June 2, 1974

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Spending your eternity delaying your efforts to prepare yourselves for that eternity

So, my friends, we ask, is it not wiser to examine that with which we now occupy ourselves for eternity? Is it truly the wisest choice to spend our eternity in the pursuit of finite objectives, of petty quarrels, of insignificant pursuits? Are we wise to spend our eternity debating which vacation to take or how to invest our money? My friends, we offer these questions not to belittle those pursuits which are facets of your daily lives and those of your brothers, but rather to emphasize that it is quite tempting within the illusion to spend one’s time and effort holding eternity at bay, to tell that quiet voice within that we will begin our efforts toward the development of ourselves just as soon as one more pursuit has been accomplished or perhaps later in the week when one is not so busy.

My friends, eternity does not begin now—eternity has been with you always. And we ask you to examine in your heart the wisdom of spending your eternity delaying your efforts to prepare yourselves for that eternity. We speak not in terms of eternal reward or eternal punishment, for, my friends, each of you is aware that those will be the result of your desire to reward or punish yourselves. We speak, rather, of your inner desire to return to that source, to once again reunite yourself with all of your other selves, to become again conscious of that which in the entirety of your brothers and sisters throughout your universe you will one day become.

via Hatonn@L/L Research