The Illusion of Separation

In the illusion you think
that you can only get in contact
with other beings
by using the illusion.

You express yourself in words,
send them through the air
to a telephone or whatever gadget.

This seeming separation
of one consciousness from the other
is illusion.

The separation is illusion and not reality.

from 25 Principles of Reality

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What you can always do

Sit down, close your eyes, relax, breath and connect your self – using your mind – with the Source.

Cross your legs if you can, sit straight and not too soft. Put your hands on our knees.

Try different finger positions. Our suggestion for most part of your meditation is to put thumb and middle finger or thumb and index finger together. Or open your hands flat on your knees. Also try putting your open and flat hands, one over the other, in your lap where your legs cross. Change your hand positions ascyou like and let movements of your arms, head, shoulders, etc. happen as they come. Use these movements to relax your body. This will also help if you have problems sitting in this position in the beginning.

You may lay down on your back if you like to make it very deep and restful or when you go to bed and want to connect with the Energy and move over to sleep in a pure, healing and safe environment. Use your hands again and put them flat on your heart, your stomach, right under your belly button or on your face. You may also try having them straightend out next to your body and using the finger positions again.

You need to be alone for that or do it together. At least nobody should disturb you from your journey inside and up high. Regularly take your time for that, make it daily if you can, 15-30 minutes is enough, more is always good. Arrange for a place in your house or flat, and find a nice place in nature or in a park for your meditations.

Close your eyes but keep looking! Perceive the effects of light falling on your eyes and look deeper and deeper into it. Take your open, flat hands and put them on your eyes. Feel the warmth of your hands and perceive how the color that you’ll see with you eyes closed is changing.

Now breathe. Try breathing through your nose. You may clean your respiration system by releasing a few times a ” hahahaaaa”-sound when breathing out. Then breath into your stomach, make your belly expanding a few times as much as you can and release it. Then come into to a regular deep breathing pattern and start to more and more watch it with less and less trying to control it.

That will bring you in the state of mind where you can connect yourself with the higher Energy. Make use of your mind. Gather your concentration. Round things up! And relax thinking. Perceive what you feel. Feel the wholeness of your self vibrating through your mind. Perceive the light emanating form it and visualize it. Expand the circle of light around your brain and make it move down through your body. Expand your protective shield of light around your self. Expand it more and more, make it 5 meters big and bigger, covering the area in which you live and all beings in it.

Feel how a stream of cleansing light flows through your spine, connecting your head with the realm of the sky and your bottom with the Earth.

Now you are ready to receive and give. You may adress any subtle, higher-dimensional being or spiritual being that you feel comfortable. We suggest that you make sure that only fully committed light workers get in contact with you so demand that as a condition before any kind of communication.

You may make use of mantras and names of God that have appeared in your life. Not only does that relax your mind and after some training connect you very quickly with the Source. They contain secret teachings covered in sound and trigger spiritual evolution steps.

If you have had certain problems with any institution, organization or individual that had given you that mantra before and that disturbs your meditation: Either leave the materiel situation in which you have received your mantra or prayers behind and perceive the genuine spiritual energy of the method. Or leave this technique, at least for now, completely aside. Trust yourself that you’ll be able to connect with the higher plane without any kind of product, method or believe system that you need to buy or pay for with more than what you are freely willing to give. You are one of the One and One of us and therefore with us. Together we’re moving towards to the light.

You may simply call us. Ask for your light worker friends, buddies and from time to time teachers. We’re all teaching us mutually. We also learn from you, very much, indeed. It is so beautiful to see what humans are capable to do sometimes. Let that become many times. Then the universe will smile at you. Call us in for a brief meeting as we are calling you in. We’re already there. We’ve always been there for you. Waiting, actually, *smile*. There are many things we need to talk about. The main thing is that we need to tell you how much we love you. You, the human species, the animals, the plants and the planet are like a precious jewel to us and we thrive on being around you here and exchanging these great feelings of love and joy with you. Second thing is: Stay with us, we’ll show you the way out.

Now communicate in whatever way you like or relax more and more and simply receive the flow of consciousness.

You may open your eyes a little bit now and perceive that the flow of consciousness is still there. Continue your meditation with open or closed eyes until it naturally comes to a kind of closing or when you come down again try bringing this energy directly into your day consciousness of acting and working.

Sometimes you may have some kind of out-of-body-experiences while performing this meditation, mostly the bigger part of yourself will stay in your regular density plane and only a smaller part of yourself will be meeting with us in our ships or our subtle communication places. Our motto of cooperation and communication is that we don’t hamper your daily life or impose any drastic changes in your ways of life. We are going to suggest and provide insight. The decisions of your life are up to you to take and are embedded in a network of decisions of many other beings. Therefore it is good for you to be in resonance with the flow of energy that is all encompassing, non-agressive, nurturing and undivided. Let the holy mathematics of the Universe do its work with you and become part of that equation.

Then everything will be fine.

In Love