To serve one is to serve all

from the Ra Contact, Session #1 Question 10


Consoling thoughts for a new year

It may be that there will be a day, there will be a week, there will be a month, or there will be a year in which one cannot honestly say to oneself that one’s whole heart is in one’s service. Upon these occasions, it is well to be consoled. It is well to realize that in order to serve, the self must be gathered to itself. And this very often requires moments of rest. It requires pulling back, and without judgment allowing the self to follow that which it finds diverting; allowing the self to seek solace where solace may be found. The very act of making this allowance is itself a spiritual act of very great significance, for in that gesture, one acknowledges also that one still abides, that one still is upon the path, that one still has set the intention to be of service to others in precisely that way it is given one to be.

Q’uo, January 2, 2010

Oh, how easy it is to decide that the game is simply too risky to be played

These loving energies are already well underway to the extent that you have dedicated yourself to a life of service, and having dedicated yourself to a life of service, have brought yourself to the point of the difficult enterprise of opening the heart. Oh, how many are the opportunities to shut down that heart. Oh, how many are the invitations to recoil back into a more protective configuration of the self where you might decide it is far better not to risk rejection, where it is far better not to risk misadventure, where it is far better not to risk getting the little spiritual fingers burned, shall we say. Oh, how easy it is to decide that the game is simply too risky to be played. And oh, how easy it is to find catalyst coming from within precisely to the same effect; that is, it is easy to suppose that one is so unworthy that to mount an effort to be of service would be inevitably to offend, would be inevitably to expose the impurity of one’s own motives, would be inevitably to sin against the clear motive of service.

QuoDecember 5, 2015

Marriage – heavily laden vehicle for service

Questioner: If I may, could you speak a few words on the relationship we call marriage and its role in responsibilities?

I am Laitos. The question that you ask is somewhat complex. The relationship known among your peoples as marriage is a vehicle for service. The polarity between two entities draws them together and forms within each a bias to be of service. This is the basis of the relationship. This relationship is heavily laden with heavy difficulties inherent in the non-flexible structure which is lacking in the bias toward service.

Thus, when dealing in the illusion with this relationship, it is well to clear from the mind all possible thoughts of the necessity which the marriage bond seems to suggest and to focus instead upon the bias toward service to another which caused the genesis of the relationship.

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Master Teacher Jesus

599899_web_R_by_Dieter Schü

The master teacher known to you as Jesus was able through meditation to become aware of truth. His reactions to experience were of such a nature to cause much concern among those who were aware of his reactions. They did not understand his reactions to the illusion for his reactions were based upon his understanding of truth. This understanding allowed him to act directly as an emissary of this creation. Acting in accord with the laws of his Creator, he was able to fulfill the desires with many he came in contact.

His reaction to this experience is but partially known to the peoples of your world at present, but this will serve as an example. His reaction was one of love. It was a reaction of love that was in no regard whatsoever to the nature of the experience. This love was not necessarily expressed in the way that it is expressed by the people in your particular illusion, for it is not understood. For this reason, this man was hated by many and love by many, many more. His expression of love was very pure in nature. It was not in the same sense as the emotional love that your peoples express in an attempt to indicate their conception of love. It was a simple demonstration of total concern for the fulfillment of the desire of his fellow man. His awareness of this desire was greater than the awareness of those whom he served. For this reason, they did not understand his expression of love. This man attempted to fulfill their real desires. The people whom he attempted to serve were unable for the most part to understand that he was serving their real desires.

These desires, my friends, were simply to grow in a spiritual sense. It was not possible for this man to provide fulfillment of this desire for spiritual growth without apparently seeming to provide that which those whom he served did not actually desire. For this reason, there was little understanding of his service by any but those whom were directly aided in a physical way. He considered the spiritual growth of an individual of much greater importance than his physical well-being, which is a very correct analogy. For this reason his actions at times seemed in divergence with the love and understanding that he brought to those whom he served.

from L/L Research Transcript, May 25, 1974

Photo: Dieter Schütz / pixelio. de