In truth there is no right or wrong

There is no polarity for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time. This distortion is not in any case necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things.

Ra in Session #1 of the Ra Contact (The Law of One)


The principal effort is the opening of the heart chakra



The principal effort typical of third density meditative work is the opening of the heart chakra—or the green ray energy center—for only when this center is opened can work in the higher centers be engaged in a way that reflects the polarity we have called service to others.

To be sure, there are those within your density that have chosen another polarity; that polarity being what we have called service to self. Those who function in the manner of serving primarily the self are those who disdain the opening of the heart center, finding it to be foolish to dwell there, for it seems to those who have chosen this polarity to be such as to give away the authority or the power of one’s being.

Q’uo, 19 September 2015

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The Choice

Living the Law of One cover - 401 x 600-228x228QUESTIONER:What I am really attempting to understand is why this choice is so important, why the Logos seems to put so much emphasis on this choice, and what function this choice of polarity has, precisely, in the evolution or the experience of that which is created by the Logos?

RA: I am Ra. The polarization or choosing of each mind/body/spirit is necessary for harvestability from third density. The higher densities do their work due to the polarity gained in this choice.

[…] Yet in the end, change is inevitable and on-going. This world and all of its seeming treasure is but an illusion and shall vanish eventually. We must look elsewhere than this physical world for real immortality.

And we have no further to look than our inner beings. Our essential selves are immortal. We as individuals in this life all are a part of something the Confederation calls our soul streams. Each of our lifetimes has added to the content of our own soul stream. When we rejoin our soul stream after this life is over, we shall remeet our whole self, that self that is not the personality shell but the essence of the self that has gone through all these lifetimes.

Carla L. Rueckert in Living the Law of One, 101: The Choice

Marriage – heavily laden vehicle for service

Questioner: If I may, could you speak a few words on the relationship we call marriage and its role in responsibilities?

I am Laitos. The question that you ask is somewhat complex. The relationship known among your peoples as marriage is a vehicle for service. The polarity between two entities draws them together and forms within each a bias to be of service. This is the basis of the relationship. This relationship is heavily laden with heavy difficulties inherent in the non-flexible structure which is lacking in the bias toward service.

Thus, when dealing in the illusion with this relationship, it is well to clear from the mind all possible thoughts of the necessity which the marriage bond seems to suggest and to focus instead upon the bias toward service to another which caused the genesis of the relationship.

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