So that the Creator may know Itself

To some extent it is true that love follows upon free will as a possible activity of those who embody free will in relation to one another, and one could say, in a larger sense, in relation to the creation as whole. In this sense it would seem then that a proper consideration of the nature of loving would require a fuller consideration of what it means to have free will. That is a story in itself, my friends, but it is useful to note [that], were it not for free will, were it not for the possibility that in creating an infinite number of, shall we say, sparks, or holograms of the creator—each of which can experience itself differently—the creator itself would have no possibility of knowing itself in any way that it did not already have prior to the event of the creation. And so there is contained in the concept of free will a potential that, strangely enough, registers as a not being of the creator to the creator. That already suggests the need of a return to the creator, by the creator, so that the creator may reap the harvest of the creation that has been undertaken so that the creator may know itself.

Q’uo, on September 4, 2016,
channeled by L/L Research


This is a creation of love

This is a creation of love, and you are within this creation in such a way that love is called forth from you. It’s quite simple to pose the question of the purpose of the creation by suggesting that it is from love and to love that all originates and is directed. But, there is inevitably a question that will arise upon the minds of those who seek, and it is “Why should there need to be, in a creation of love, an effort made to love? Why should there need to be, in a creation of love, an experience of impediments to love? Why should there need to be—in a creation in which love is Alpha and Omega, source and destiny—an experience so bereft of love that love itself can at times seem to be the most impossible result, the most difficult task that one can be required to do?” And to ask this question is to focus on love as a particular kind of activity in which you can engage. You may engage indeed in many kinds of activities, and it is easy to list love upon a long list of things you might accomplish in the course of the day.

Free will to form love

There is another sense of love, however, which we would invite you to consider. We have suggested that, in the nature of the creation itself, love may be counted as one of the early distortions that permit differentiated experience, that permit individuated souls to find their way, to have experiences in a diverse creation and to bring back to the Creator the fruits of these experiences. This portion of the nature of the creation we have sometimes called the second distortion. Now, the first distortion in this creation we have called free will, so it may well seem that love is a dimension of the nature of the way things are that comes about as a result of a first innovation, shall we say, in the creation, involving the development of free will.

Q’uo, on September 4, 2016,
channeled by L/L Research

That decision is to seek the truth

I am L/Leema, and greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We greet each of you and bless each of you and find great beauty in each of you and, again, we thank you that you allow us to share our limited suppositions and opinions with you.

The question before us is the point which occurs well into the spiritual journey. Therefore, we wish to state the question and then attempt to put it in context. It is our understanding that the query involves the balancing technique described by those known to you as Ra which involves accentuating of the distortion as the opening move towards the balance in the personality of that distortion.

To put this in context, we must look at your situation. You are shipwrecked on an island that spins in space. You cannot escape from this island during your incarnational experience and you are separated from other consciousness of the same or higher density by limitless light or space. You share this with each of those who are your companions upon your island home, the vast majority of which are not at all interested in balancing their distortions in the fullest sense, but rather are usually interested in accentuating pleasant distortions and eliminating or numbing uninteresting sensations and emotions.

Therefore, it must be assumed that this technique is of no use to most of those upon your planet. This does not mean that they who have no access to this technique will not learn, for the incarnational experience is very efficient and enough catalyst is given to each that the basic plan of the higher self is at least presented, if not realized. However, those within this domicile at this time have made a decision, the dimensions of which are immense. That decision is to seek the truth. Although there is no distance to this journey of seeking, the effort and the time which you spend in seeking actively and passively, that is, through action and through meditation is an accelerating force which causes your mental/emotional complex to experience in a more rapid and intense manner not only events, but the emotional overtones and undertones of the event.

based on a message from L/Leema@L/L Research

There is what you may call the testing, oftentimes referred to as initiation

There is what you may call the testing, oftentimes referred to as initiation of one kind or another. The attitude that is the means by which the seeker views and accepts the manifestations of the various seasons of the soul’s seeking is that which is of most importance in each testing, for if it can be discovered within the point of view of the seeker that each situation has a metaphysical implication that revolves about the concept of love and acceptance of that which is, then the seeker is more able to take advantage of the more specific lessons that orbit the primary concept of love that may be found in each cycle or season.

Thus, the testing is accomplished by the fires of experience touching the incarnation in a manner which concentrates the attention so that the greatest possible attitude of acceptance and peace then colors the mind.

via Quanta@L/L Research

What matters

It seems to me that if indeed every one is the Creator and love is the most important thing, then the place to start is with love of the self, because when you love yourself, you are indeed loving the Creator which encompasses everything. Could you please comment on that for me?

I am Latwii, and we shall attempt, my brother, to comment upon this most central query in the life of the seeker. Indeed, if it be true that all is One and that one is the one Creator, then you have truly spoken when you have suggested that one may begin with love of the self. In truth, my brother, one may begin at any point, for all points are one. The choice of perspective is that choice which each seeker must arrive at by whatever means has value to the seeker. You may begin at any chosen point, but when you begin at an individualized portion of that one Creator, you first begin with you, for that is all the limited consciousness within your illusion encompasses.

As you first begin your life upon this plane you form the idea of the self first. You then take that self upon many journeys. That self thinks many thoughts about everything that is placed before it, and if that self can feel the security and wholeness of its own being, indeed, if it can love itself, then this love may expand as do the rings of a pond when a stone is thrown within it, and these rings of love then may encompass all that the self touches and all that the self becomes aware of. It would seem that this would be the most efficacious means of knowing love and seeking the one Creator that is in all, yet for many the path is more circuitous, for one or another many selves are given the added opportunity, shall we say—burden, perhaps you will say—of finding difficulties within the self which do not seem lovable. These difficulties or opportunities are for the purpose of enhancing some aspect of love which the entity before the incarnation felt it lacked capability in expressing.

Thus, many entities begin their search and seeking for love and unity partially within and partially without the self. The journey of seeking this love may for some be more efficacious when the love is expressed for another being, perhaps for a place, perhaps for an art, perhaps a thought, perhaps a project and so forth. Then when an entity sees itself reflected in that other self, thought, art or thing, it becomes more able to appreciate and to love self. Thus, it matters not so much where one begins as it matters that one begin to seek love and to find unity with all things. For these basic, what you would call, truths that permeate your entire illusion and all previous and future illusions are similarly built upon the unity of all things and the love which motivates the experience of things, places, universes and entities within them.


The Highest Desire

Whatever you experience
is a result of your desire.
Past desires determine the present
and current desires form the seeming future.

The Creator has given to you
complete freedom of decision.
Let us give back the highest desire
which we may become aware of:

to experience the Infinite Creator in the highest possible way.

from 25 Principles of Reality

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