Conscious remembrance

The more difficult it is to find the love, the more positively polarized in every situation in which you are able to perceive it. It is well to begin your day, shall we say, in a conscious remembrance that this is your purpose: to seek love, to find love, to give love, to be love. If you can find a manner in which this is a reminder to you—be it a period of prayer, a period of meditation, a period of reading inspirational messages—whatever manner allows you to become aware that this is your purpose for the day, it is well to begin the day that lies before you in this manner.

Q’uo, on September 4, 2016,
channeled by L/L Research


Your profession, hobbies, activities, leisure time—all of these are vehicles to discover love

It is most helpful if you are conscious that what you do in this illusion is indeed the seeking to find love and to give love at all times. There is no other activity which has value in your spiritual journey other than this seeking and finding and giving of love. Those activities with which you busy yourself as a part of your profession, your hobbies, your activities, your leisure time—all of these are vehicles through which you move in a certain fashion to discover love, whether consciously as a conscious seeker of truth, or whether in a manner which may seem to be accidental as one which moves in a less conscious fashion through the daily rounds of activities.

All have the opportunity to seek and to find love. As we have said before, this creation is made of love. It only seems to be other than love, in order to provide you, shall we say, a challenge that allows you to increase your polarity of positive seeking to serve others by finding the love in those situations in which you find yourself engaged in your daily round of activities.

Q’uo, on September 4, 2016,
channeled by L/L Research

The journey of a lifetime

Again, my friends, you are the arbiter of your own journey as you survey the energy centers affected by your daily round of activities. Look then to those where blockages are found, attempt to balance each blockage with its opposite that you may find an evenness of flow where before there was energy that was halted in its movement upwards, and in this fashion you may determine where your focus of attention needs be placed.

It is the journey of a lifetime to unblock each succeeding center of energy so that the white light of the One Creator moves unimpeded through each center of energy and remains white throughout the journey. However, do not feel that you have in any way failed if there is coloration to your light, for this is why you have incarnated. It is necessary to engage in the learning of various lessons in the overall plan of each soul’s evolution. The way lessons are learned is to discover where there is a blockage in the overall energy patterns of each individual, and program these into the incarnational life stream that attention might be put upon them, and energies directed to balance and clear each center.

The Principle of Q’uo,
channeled by L/L Research on September 19, 2015

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Kundalini experiences of catalyst in the journey of seeking

You ask this day how it is possible for the seeker of truth to determine the level at which the seeking takes place as recorded in your energy centers—or chakra system—as a means by which to modulate and accelerate the inpouring energy of the logos that moves through the south poles of your energy field in a magnetic fashion, and seeks to unite with that birth right which each has in the violet ray chakra; the guiding star of the self, shall we say. Each of you, as you move through your daily round of activities, experiences catalyst in a variety of ways. The catalyst is so called because it allows you to glean from these interactions with other selves that which is of value to you in your own journey of seeking.

There are many such interactions for each seeker in each day’s round of activities. If you wish to analyze these interactions for their ability to assist your journey of seeking, it is well to reserve a portion of each daily period at the end of the day to enter into the meditative state and to examine what has occurred for you in this day, in the way of interactions which have moved you away from the compassion and understanding which is the goal of the seeker of truth. If you have felt yourself moved in one particular way or another, you may look at that movement that has, shall we say, taken you from your center of self, and assign to that movement a certain center of energy which is, shall we say, the home ground or bastion of that particular kind of energy expenditure.

Q’uo, 19 September 2015

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