Conscious remembrance

The more difficult it is to find the love, the more positively polarized in every situation in which you are able to perceive it. It is well to begin your day, shall we say, in a conscious remembrance that this is your purpose: to seek love, to find love, to give love, to be love. If you can find a manner in which this is a reminder to you—be it a period of prayer, a period of meditation, a period of reading inspirational messages—whatever manner allows you to become aware that this is your purpose for the day, it is well to begin the day that lies before you in this manner.

Q’uo, on September 4, 2016,
channeled by L/L Research


There is that which is far more than your “Armageddon”: you have your egos to deal with

I am Yadda. I greet you in love and light and send you blessings in the name of infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us to your meeting and to the pleasant environment of your joined consciousness. We speak while our brothers and sisters of Hatonn work with each instrument.

We ask you a question: Why do you think that the interest is so great in the physical changes of your culture or your planet? We are puzzled by this, my friends. We do not know why you spend so much time out of your precious moments in this density puzzling your mind over the inevitable. You know on the cosmic scale that worlds are born and worlds die, that they go through changes, and that some of the changes may make it difficult for those of you who wish to breathe the air and to be able to stand the temperature to continue to exist.

In the larger picture, this is true. However, you have so few moments while you are in your body, while you are dealing with each other, and you have so much work to do, for within you there is that which is far more than your “Armageddon”; you have your egos to deal with. You have all the structures that are not helping you to live as you wish to live, to think as you wish to think. You are working toward a spontaneity of love that will allow you to become more and more aware of the universal presence of the one original Thought. And what is your work here, but inner work? What does it matter when the ice age comes or when the trees must die or when the rains come and there is a flood or when the poles shift? These are things that will happen to your outer self, and it will go away. You probably knew that before you came here—Hah! Is that not so? You knew that before you came here: you are going to die. But there is a you that is not going to die; that is the one you must life with, if we may use the term, my friends. Put your mind on that which lasts, on the questions that matter.

What questions do you think matter at this moment? We speak to imperishable beings on a perishable sphere in space that is moving and changing. There is that that will not move and that will not change except by your will. It has nothing to do with the planet and its changes. It has to do with your will to do, to seek, to find. What shall you seek?

We leave you with this question. I am Yadda. I leave you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.


Become aware

Become aware of each second of your existence.

Know in fullest detail the motivation of each of your actions and each of your thoughts.

Meditate and become aware. Use this awareness then, to act.

It is not necessary to make complex plans for future activities. It is only necessary to meditate.

In your meditation, the understanding that you seek will be easily revealed.

from Hatonn@L/L Research

Levels of Awareness

I don’t agree with everything 100%, but they’re a very good start!



These are levels of awareness / awakening. I describe them like this:

Level 0 – “Zombie”
This is the default level of total ignorance at which 90% of the population operates. They have no clue about anything that matters such as how fiat currency systems operate, natural cures for cancer, the true dangers of vaccines, how television manipulates their behavior and so on. (These people are often experts in sports and TV sitcoms, however.)

Level 1 – “Awakened”
This level is achieved when a person realizes something along the lines of “Hey, I’m living in a dream world. I’m being told lies at every turn. What is real? How can I know what is real?” This is where people start asking questions.

Level 2 – “Informed”
A level 2 person is someone who has taught themselves a significant amount of real history and the way the world really works. This person will have knowledge of politics, psychology, world history, economics, natural health, the natural world (water, ecosystems, soils, etc.), basic anatomy, basic science and so on. Not even 1% of the population today qualifies as level 2. Most people operate in a state of wild ignorance of the world around them.

Level 3 – “Mastery”
A level 3 person not only understands a great deal about the real world around them, they have also grasped ways to navigate through that world with great accomplishment and influence. They are innovators, creators and often communicators. Financial achievement is not the purpose here. Rather, it is achieving relevance in a world largely populated by utterly irrelevant people.

Level 4 – “Enlightenment”
This level is only achieved by those of the highest dedication to spiritual awakening. You would typically only find this level of understanding in people who pursue a lifetime practice of prayer, or transcendental meditation, or a similar spiritual practice. At this level of awareness, individuals become withdrawn from the material world and really have no interest in interacting with individuals of lower levels of awareness. Far less than one in a million human beings will ever achieve level 4 “Enlightenment.”

Just to review these levels again, here are some of the keywords and concepts that typically relate to people of each level:

Level 0 – “Zombie” – Football, sports scores, TV sitcoms, processed junk food, vaccinations, playing the lotto, following doctors’ orders, submitting to apparent authority, going along with the status quo.

Level 1 – “Awakened” – Asks questions. Reads ingredients on foods. Questions their doctor. Watches documentaries instead of sports. Attempts to assess information and think rationally. Questions false authority.

Level 2 – “Informed” – Reads books. Explores alternative information. Invests in self-education. Participates in activism. Seeks to make changes in the world around them. Speaks out with friends. Challenges people’s beliefs. Reflects on their own beliefs and is capable of adaptation.

Level 3 – “Mastery” – Has great influence. Creates things. Innovates. Provides solutions. Invents new things. No television. No vaccines. No junk food. Has a very long-term perspective. Understands the “big picture.” Seeks to help others. Has compassion for living things. Recognizes the web of life on our planet.

Level 4 – “Enlightenment” – Realizes the great illusion of life. Embraces immortality of consciousness and the human spirit. Expresses compassion for others but not intervention. Never seeks to “change” others, only to invite them to expand their awareness. Recognizes interconnectedness of all life systems. Sees the human life experience in a humorous light. Is able to tap into higher consciousness. Rarely seeks fame and not interested in financial success. Often abandons all material wealth.