1.7 Unendlichkeit = Einheit

Amazing statement from Ra 1.7 about how to reach infinity: in unity

[…] That which is infinite cannot be many, for many-ness is a finite concept. To have infinity you must identify or define the infinity as unity; […]

Das Gesetz des Einen

1.7 Fragesteller: [Die Frage ging verloren, weil der Fragesteller zu weit vom Bandaufnahmegerät entfernt saß, um aufgenommen zu werden.]

Ra: Ich bin Ra. Bedenkt, wenn ihr mögt, dass das Universum unendlich ist. Dies muss noch bewiesen oder widerlegt werden, aber wir können euch versichern, dass es für eure Selbste, eure Erkenntnis, für das, was ihr die Reise der Suche nennen würdet, oder für eure Vorstellungen der Schöpfung kein Ende gibt.

Das, was unendlich ist, kann nicht Viele sein, da Vielheit ein endliches Konzept ist. Um Unendlichkeit zu erreichen, müsst ihr diese Unendlichkeit als Einheit identifizieren oder definieren; sonst hat der Begriff keinerlei Bezug oder Bedeutung. In einem Unendlichen Schöpfer gibt es nur Einheit. Ihr habt einfache Beispiele der Einheit gesehen. Ihr habt das Prisma gesehen, das alle Farben zeigt, die vom Sonnenlicht stammen. Dies ist ein vereinfachtes Beispiel der Einheit.

In Wahrheit gibt es kein richtig oder falsch. Es gibt…

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Be not hesitant to call upon us in your time of need

I am Hatonn, and I again greet you, my brothers, in [the] love and the light of our infinite Creator. My brothers, it is a great pleasure for all of us to share with you our thoughts that we might be of service to those of your planet. In this manner we of Hatonn further our own development as well, for is it not through service that we all grow? Therefore, my brothers, be not hesitant to call upon us in your time of need, be it a need originating from indecision or a need in which you may feel yourself threatened either physically or spiritually. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to assist you in the manner you prefer, for it is not our will or our way to interfere with another’s karmic responsibilities. But, my brothers, if the path is open to us we will surely take it.

Hatonn, March 29, 1981

Welcome to a transdimensional contact

JOTH V2015This blog’s purpose is to raise the awareness for the wonderful work of our friends and partners at L/L Research (Kentucky). Based from our publishing house Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag (Germany) we are quoting here from their great works which are freely available in the immense library of L/L Research.

The material presented here has, as all L/L Research channelings, been obtained by telepathic contact with alleged extraterrestrial beings. We hope that you’ll enjoy some of these messages as much as we do and find them to be great inspirations for your day!

Love and Light,
Jochen Blumenthal

Das Gesetz des Einen-Verlag (Deutschland)
Maison d’édition La Loi Une (Allemagne)

As always

As always, we would request that you listen with a careful inner ear, not only listening to what we have to say, but also listening to your own responses to these thoughts. If our thoughts seem to resonate to you, then keep them and work with them as you will. However, we ask that you put aside those thoughts that do not resonate to you. In this way we may feel free to speak our mind and know that we are not infringing upon your free will or disturbing the process of your spiritual evolution.

by Q’uo, for all Confederation teachers