The new area of understanding

I greet you in the light of the infinite Father, I am your teacher Hatonn.

Greetings my friends. I am in a way looking forward to this evening. I have been asking my teacher a few questions, as you have asked me questions. I have a teacher also. I am also a student, as you are. As you go on, in your studies, you will find that in a very short length of time that you have a very, very long way to go, as all of us.

I am endeavoring to enlighten you on the subject I have chosen to call the new area of understanding. I have been waiting and carefully evaluating all of you. I am not going to present anything to you that I am not sure of. At this time and place it is most desirable to give you only enough information. I am attempting to enlighten you without any confusion.

Now I am about to begin. Everyone in this room is asking what will all this lead to. I am about to tell you this, my friends. You are on the threshold of a bright new future. I am very happy to give you your first glimpse of true understanding. I am being very careful as I am giving you this information.

As you sit in your home looking and waiting for something to happen, it is happening. You are able to realize a change taking place. Others about you are able to sense a change. And my friends, you are going through a change, in your entire thinking. As you watch and listen you will become more aware of it. I have told you before that we are working with your people constantly. And now you are realizing a change. This change will gain momentum, and very soon will realize a whole new universe of understanding. Each of you in the service will feel and know that it is now. I have talked long enough on this subject. I shall wait for a while before I engage this subject again.

I am very pleased with the understanding of this group. It pleases me very much. I am also very pleased with your cooperation. In the future you will be very busy. We are working constantly arranging and directing. I am watching over all of you.

I am Hatonn. Adonai my friends, I am your guide. I am your light. Love my friends, in your love. Adonai.

(Telepathy Data Collected by Don Elkins)


Meditations with those of Hatonn

Please, all of you just relax, and think of nothing but love, of perfection, of peace and harmony. Let your minds drift. Relax.










Thank you, my friends.

spoken by Hatonn on October 1, 1959, in Extraterrestrial Communication

How can so many people be so wrong about so many things

The truth that we would like to present in more entirety than I already have is so completely different from the many concepts that have been accepted and believed by your earth societies over a long period of time, that it would be difficult for you to comprehend our point of view. The point of view of the truth that is. Because even though you may think that you are very open minded, you still see many things from the point of view of earth thinking. You may wonder sometimes how can so many people be so wrong about so many things. Sometimes we wonder too. But I will say this: It took a long, long time for the present accepted ideas and beliefs of your society and religious organizations to evolve to their present point.

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Therefore it is our responsibility to avail our findings to you

We, our people in space, if you choose to call us that, have the advantage over your people, for we have had the advantage of truth for many, many centuries before your people. Therefore it is our responsibility to avail our findings to you. Proof of our teachings you will find within yourselves. They do not need proof, for when you reflect truth people will not ask you for proof.

from Extraterrestrial Communicaion

A political instead of a spiritual arrangement

You see, on your planet, way back when your so-called Christian religion was organized, I am afraid there was quite a lot of confusion, and the leaders—so-called leaders by the people—chose to establish the foundation of your present day Christian religion. I might add it was, shall we say, a political instead of a spiritual arrangement. Very unfortunate.


Telepathy Data Collected By D. T. ELKINS 1958-1961

republished 2008 by  L/L Research

When you speak of your fellowman you are speaking of the Creator

I am Hatonn. I am greeting you in the love and light of our infinite Father, which I am a part of, and you are also. We are a part of the whole. We make up the Creation, which is the Father.

I am aware that the interpretation of the Creator is a little confusing to the people on your planet, and we speak of the Creator in your terms, such as the Father, God, and so forth. Actually that is not true. When you speak of your fellowman you are speaking of the Creator. Perhaps this will cause you to think before you speak of your fellowman.


(Telepathy Data Collected By D. T. ELKINS) (c) L/L Research