A Thought of Love

Become capable of understanding
the qualities of the possibilities
of the illusion.
through introspection and meditation
in a way that expresses
the thought of the Creator:
with a thought of love.

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Find the Love of the Creator

Express the love of the Creator
which created you.
Find it in meditation.
No intellectual effort,
no careful planning,
no interpretation of spoken or written words
will lead you to that simple truth.

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The Desire of the Creator

Become aware of the Creator.
Become aware of His desires.
Then you’ll know yours.

Because you and the Creator, you are one.

You will feel it when you became aware of His desires. There will be no more questions. You will have found what you are looking for. You will have found love.
This is the desire of the Creator.

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Love and Light and Light and Love

In truth,
there is no right or wrong.
The opposites will be reunified.
You are everything,
every being,
every emotion,
everything that happens,
every situation.
You are unity. You are infinity.
You are Love and Light, Light and Love.

25 Principles kindle