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The Confederation of Planets on Reiki and related healing techniques (I)

Metaphysical, spiritual or energy healing – and one of its most known forms, Reiki – is a subject which is very often touched upon in the  messages of the Confederation of Planets channeled by L/L Research.  In a small series of blog posts we’ll present some of the outstanding extraterrestrial views on this topic.

We’ll  start off with quotes from a Q’uo session from 1990, six years after the Ra contact had ended during which a lot of information about the principles of metaphysical healing was given.  In another session later Q’uo (The Principle of Q’uo in most cases consists of Hatonn, Latwii and Ra, three extraterrestrial population from density four, five and six.) states that both, Reiki and Ra‘s descriptions, are congruent with each other.

But in this first post about Reiki and related healing techniques we’ll begin with quoting from a full session on Reiki, which starts with a few “handbreaks” and “security belts” before we enter the topic more deeply:

Group question: The question this evening has to do with Reiki energy. Some within the Reiki movement would say that the energy that is used in healing in the Reiki technique is a specific kind of energy that is different from the universal energy that anybody might be able to tap into at any time and use for healing. What we would like to know is, is the Reiki energy any different than this general type of energy that people use for healing, and if it is, what exactly is the difference, and how is it used? May anyone tap into that kind of energy, or must one have the specific Reiki training?

(Carla channeling)

It is with great pleasure that we bless and greet each of you in the love and in the light of the infinite One. We are those of Q’uo, and feel greatly honored to be asked to join in your meditation, and to take a few steps with you upon your path at this time. We are sorry to repeat the same caveat each time that we speak, but each time that we speak it is necessary in order for free will to hold full sway. Beware of listening to these words or any others with an eye to a rigid belief. We could be wrong, indeed, all could be wrong in terms relative to the illusion in which you live, or in terms of your personal needs and truths; perhaps not wrong for us, perhaps not useful to you. Therefore, discriminate carefully in what you take in of what we say, discarding that which does not seem to be half remembered, so that your responses are, “Yes, I recognize that truth.”

This evening the question concerns healing, specifically the Reiki healing, also any form of the laying on of hands. To approach this subject, we must state a few premises upon which we base our opinions. We consider it as an easement rather than doing metaphysical healing work when one self attempts to heal, and perhaps does heal another by the force of his own will and gift. Neither the healer nor the suppliant gains for very long. Often those who heal because of a gift do it simply to make their life more comfortable because, as people value their health, so they value one who makes a poor condition feel much eased. Unless the one to be healed allows the healer of this type to remain within himself, and not take in the implicit demands of such a link betwixt two entities, there can be much deleterious effect upon the healer, for to the healer’s mind there are two selves, one self serving the other self. There is no focus and concentration upon the Creator, the giver of all gifts, the source of all things.

With these two caveats reminded we can move on a small step further into the workings of the healer/healed relationship:

It is a kind of power which is much appreciated, but one who has such power has an extraordinarily difficult task in disciplining himself to refrain from taking upon himself any credit for that which has been given. This is seldom the case. Consequently, the form of healing by natural gift—without the temperament to see the Creator at work in the world through the manifestations of such as he—will always be limited, unable to advance because of a blockage of his own perceptions concerning the separation of himself and the person considered to be ill.

Ra has spoken similarly (in 60.11) along these lines, saying that things would also generally become easier for any healer if one understood that their responsibility ends at providing an opportunity for self-healing. Q’uo reminds us of a last concern to make, which could be true for a lot of services offered in the esoteric field:

The other difficulty with this type of healing process is that it does not last. An effect is felt by the will of another upon the will of the self. The body of the ill person may respond to the help, but permanence is not something human. Consequently, it is folly to expect a human believing that the power is his can do even as much as we have described; nevertheless, this is so.

But then the factual other side of metaphysical healing is brought forward in Q’uo‘s fascinating and clear own terms:

The healing gift which is most prized is a self-healing that is the prerequisite for any type of work in consciousness. It is not necessary that one be perfect, which is fortunate in your density, for you are not designed to look or feel perfect at any time. It is sufficient that you see yourself as a channel through which an infinite amount of energy, power, grace and healing may be offered. You may even see the channeling of that gift as a manifestation of that gift, but not a gift given by the channeler, for the channeler has given itself to the contact. Thus, many healing modes, such as Reiki, do indeed create a catalytic environment in which, through love alone, the protective field of the body is opened, and an opportunity given for the entity to allow itself to heal. Thus, those who train to become healers may work in consciousness much as do those who learn to channel, or simply to do the will of the Creator.

One of the basic Reiki hand positions, ususally performed during the beginning part of a session.

Reiki is designed for those who are able to become quiet

The Reiki healing is of the second kind. Because it is not of this culture that you enjoy, it is difficult for most people of your culture either to practice it or to benefit from it, for it takes a kind of sensibility which is not distracted, but is at peace. Your people are normally greatly overstimulated. There are many people, things, chores and considerations, some of them literally beating the ears, some of them beating the heart that has not forgiven itself. Reiki is designed for those who are able to become quiet and allow themselves, as a hollow pipe, to be used as a catalyst for opening the body’s opportunity for self-healing.

We’ll end our first part of the series with Q’uo‘s next statement in that session which closes the circle of the seeming dilemma that “to the healer’s mind there are two selves”:

There is no mode of healing that does not benefit many, but those which are desirable are those including Reiki which realize that there is no separation betwixt he who puts hands on the body of the patient, and the patient, for at that time, and with the protection of spiritual guides, the entity drops all barriers, defenses and armor, and makes itself vulnerable, empty and asking, and in humility, it receives the gift it has been given and passes it on, knowing that it is no more responsible for the healing than the water faucet is for the water which comes through it.

All these quotes stem from the channeled message from October 17, 1990

May that protection of spiritual guides be with you and your healing channeling!
In Love and Light

Cutout sheet for a paper pyramid according to Ra

Pyramid according to Ra COSThe entities of Ra gave a lot of information on the construction and functioning of the pyramid form in the telepathic interview which Don Elkins had from 1981-84 through Carla L. Rueckert with these old visitors of Planet Earth.

Among the suggestions given by Ra and other members of the Confederation of Planets as channeled by L/L Research to increase one’s own vital energy and overall well-being is the use of a smaller pyramid for 15 to 30 minutes a day or maximum twice per day.

With our downloadable and free cutout sheet (simply click on the image or this link here to start downloading it) you may easily create a pyramid by yourself  that is in accordance with the optimal ratios for energetic use which Ra has confirmed and which were also used in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.

Also available in French and German

We wish you great fun with your pyramid and lots of Love and Light!

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The Choice

Living the Law of One cover - 401 x 600-228x228QUESTIONER:What I am really attempting to understand is why this choice is so important, why the Logos seems to put so much emphasis on this choice, and what function this choice of polarity has, precisely, in the evolution or the experience of that which is created by the Logos?

RA: I am Ra. The polarization or choosing of each mind/body/spirit is necessary for harvestability from third density. The higher densities do their work due to the polarity gained in this choice.

[…] Yet in the end, change is inevitable and on-going. This world and all of its seeming treasure is but an illusion and shall vanish eventually. We must look elsewhere than this physical world for real immortality.

And we have no further to look than our inner beings. Our essential selves are immortal. We as individuals in this life all are a part of something the Confederation calls our soul streams. Each of our lifetimes has added to the content of our own soul stream. When we rejoin our soul stream after this life is over, we shall remeet our whole self, that self that is not the personality shell but the essence of the self that has gone through all these lifetimes.

Carla L. Rueckert in Living the Law of One, 101: The Choice

Energy of intelligence, the daily gift of the Creator

Some incarnations may be more successful in the learning than others. When there are setbacks, shall we say, when that lesson which has desired to be learned is not completely learned, or other lessons come along with it, then there are what you may call, the blockages of the free energy flowing through you, for each of you, my friends, receives, as a gift from the One Creator, what may be called “energy of intelligence” or “intelligent energy” each day that moves through your feet and lower chakras and moves as it will and as it can through each chakra. However, if there are blockages for one kind of energy or another in one chakra or another, then it is that there is a bumpy flow, it is not smooth, it is not continuous, it is not able to move forward in the desired fashion. Thus there is more work that must be done, and this is the indication to the student that there are other lessons to learn in order to remove these blockages.

Q’uo, January 02, 2016

Ideology of “true believers”: stumbling block to a peaceful world

All of the major world religions have a mystical aspect to them which proclaims an underlying unity to the creation. Many also have a dogmatic aspect and this aspect typically divides people into believers and nonbelievers of that religious dogma. This division, if unaccompanied by tolerance, encourages the faculty of judgment and also, ultimately, conflict. The believers judge the non-believers as unworthy and in need of correction. When two religiously oriented nation-states choose to act out this lack of tolerance, Crusades and pogroms can occur. The ideology of “true believers” makes it harder to create a peaceful world.

Toutes les grandes religions de ce monde possèdent un aspect mystique qui affirme l’unité sous-jacente de la Création. Nombre d’entre elles ont aussi un aspect dogmatique, et c’est cet aspect qui manifestement divise les gens en ‘croyants’ et ‘non-croyants’ de ces dogmes religieux. Cette division, si elle n’est pas accompagnée de tolérance, accentue la faculté de jugement et, en fin de compte, encourage le conflit. Les ‘croyants’ jugent indignes les ‘non-croyants’ et veulent corriger ceux-ci. Quand deux nations-états tournées vers la religion choisissent d’agir sur base de cette absence de tolérance, alors peuvent se produire des croisades et des pogroms. Une idéologie de ‘vrais croyants’ rend plus difficile la création d’un monde en paix. (Translation by M. Deschreider)

Alle der großen Weltreligionen haben einen mystischen Aspekt an sich, der eine der Schöpfung zugrunde liegende Einheit vertritt. Viele haben auch einen dogmatischen Aspekt und dieser Aspekt teilt Menschen typischerweise in Gläubige und Nichtgläubige dieses religiösen Dogmas ein. Diese Trennung, wenn nicht von Toleranz begleitet, verstärkt die Veranlagung zu Verurteilung und auch, letztendlich, Konflikt. Die Gläubigen verurteilen die Nichtgläubigen als unwürdig und korrekturbedürftig. Wenn zwei religiös orientierte Nationalstaaten sich dazu entscheiden, diesen Mangel an Toleranz auszuleben, können Kreuzzüge und Pogrome geschehen. Die Ideologie von „wahren Gläubigen“ macht es schwerer, eine friedliche Welt zu entwickeln. (Translation by J. Blumenthal)

Le Choix cover Ausschnitt V2from Living the Law of One, 101: The Choice by Carla L. Rueckert, Chapter 1

You may read “The Choice” for free, in English and in French in the L/L Research library. The German translation, as far as it has been achieved, can be read here.

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