1 Das Königreich des Himmels liegt in eurem Inneren

In about 60 years of channeling, the members of the Confederation of Planets have said a lot about Master teacher Jesus. “Lehrmeister Jesus” contains a small collection of edited excerpts from early L/L Research transcript about Jesus. Most of them were spoken by Hatonn but also Telonn and Oxal have their say on this great teacher.

Die Brücke

Wir leben im Moment auf einem Planeten, der sich in einem Zustand großer Verwirrung befindet. Um diese Verwirrung zu überwinden, sollten wir damit aufhören, die Informationen und den Intellekt zu nutzen, die aus dieser Welt sind.

Meditation ist das geeignete Mittel, um das richtige Verständnis dafür und davon zu erlangen.

So wie Jesus viele Male gesprochen hat: „Das Königreich des Himmels liegt in eurem Inneren.“, wenden wir uns in Meditation uns selbst zu und blicken hinein in die unendliche Weite des Schöpfers.

So entfaltet sich, Schritt für Schritt, die Weisheit, die viele große Lehrer versucht haben, den Menschen zu vermitteln.

aus Lehrmeister Jesus

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Time is not so much time as it is space

Time is not so much time as it is space, and space is not so much space as it is time. They are one and the same thing, and yet they are reciprocally related. For is not 1/1=1? For there is only one thing and we are all parts of it.

There are six dimensions, but you must speak of three. And time is a field, and radiates from each nucleus of matter in all directions and may be evaluated as T = S3/3, where T is time and S is space.

via Oxal@L/L Research

It is as though the illusion is a kind of threshing machine

It is as though the illusion which you now enjoy is a kind of threshing machine. It is inevitable that you shall come between the grinding wheels, and that you shall feel burst apart, sometimes slowly, sometimes all at once. These moments and times of your incarnational experience are the most pregnant with possibility for the acceleration of your spiritual evolution, for you have moved into an infinity when you are no longer closed.

from Oxal@L/L Research