1 Das Königreich des Himmels liegt in eurem Inneren

In about 60 years of channeling, the members of the Confederation of Planets have said a lot about Master teacher Jesus. “Lehrmeister Jesus” contains a small collection of edited excerpts from early L/L Research transcript about Jesus. Most of them were spoken by Hatonn but also Telonn and Oxal have their say on this great teacher.

Die Brücke

Wir leben im Moment auf einem Planeten, der sich in einem Zustand großer Verwirrung befindet. Um diese Verwirrung zu überwinden, sollten wir damit aufhören, die Informationen und den Intellekt zu nutzen, die aus dieser Welt sind.

Meditation ist das geeignete Mittel, um das richtige Verständnis dafür und davon zu erlangen.

So wie Jesus viele Male gesprochen hat: „Das Königreich des Himmels liegt in eurem Inneren.“, wenden wir uns in Meditation uns selbst zu und blicken hinein in die unendliche Weite des Schöpfers.

So entfaltet sich, Schritt für Schritt, die Weisheit, die viele große Lehrer versucht haben, den Menschen zu vermitteln.

aus Lehrmeister Jesus

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The new area of understanding

I greet you in the light of the infinite Father, I am your teacher Hatonn.

Greetings my friends. I am in a way looking forward to this evening. I have been asking my teacher a few questions, as you have asked me questions. I have a teacher also. I am also a student, as you are. As you go on, in your studies, you will find that in a very short length of time that you have a very, very long way to go, as all of us.

I am endeavoring to enlighten you on the subject I have chosen to call the new area of understanding. I have been waiting and carefully evaluating all of you. I am not going to present anything to you that I am not sure of. At this time and place it is most desirable to give you only enough information. I am attempting to enlighten you without any confusion.

Now I am about to begin. Everyone in this room is asking what will all this lead to. I am about to tell you this, my friends. You are on the threshold of a bright new future. I am very happy to give you your first glimpse of true understanding. I am being very careful as I am giving you this information.

As you sit in your home looking and waiting for something to happen, it is happening. You are able to realize a change taking place. Others about you are able to sense a change. And my friends, you are going through a change, in your entire thinking. As you watch and listen you will become more aware of it. I have told you before that we are working with your people constantly. And now you are realizing a change. This change will gain momentum, and very soon will realize a whole new universe of understanding. Each of you in the service will feel and know that it is now. I have talked long enough on this subject. I shall wait for a while before I engage this subject again.

I am very pleased with the understanding of this group. It pleases me very much. I am also very pleased with your cooperation. In the future you will be very busy. We are working constantly arranging and directing. I am watching over all of you.

I am Hatonn. Adonai my friends, I am your guide. I am your light. Love my friends, in your love. Adonai.

(Telepathy Data Collected by Don Elkins)

Meditations with those of Hatonn

Please, all of you just relax, and think of nothing but love, of perfection, of peace and harmony. Let your minds drift. Relax.










Thank you, my friends.

spoken by Hatonn on October 1, 1959, in Extraterrestrial Communication

To learn how to love under all circumstances

Group question: Our question today deals with the idea of pre-incarnative planning and people experiencing the catalyst they need to learn their personal lessons. How can we reconcile the idea that people experience what they need for their personal growth with our desire to serve and relieve other souls of their suffering? Is there a line between allowing people to learn their lessons versus attempting to relieve a person of their suffering?

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn and come in the name of Jesus, the Christ, to speak through this instrument and we are most grateful to be invited by your group this afternoon.

We have been chosen to respond to this query, for it is one which deals with our specialty, which is the quality that you call love—unconditional and all compassionate love. We feel that this is a most salient query, for it is one which each of you deals in a daily fashion with all those about you; for, my friends, each of you is one which has pre-incarnative choices, and which has made these choices in order to learn certain lessons within the life experience.

There are, for all entities, confusions that occur during the life experience that make the perception of the pre-incarnative choices a difficult feat, for there is much that distracts even the serious seeker from the seeking, much which seems at odds with previous experience, much which needs to be processed in a conscious fashion and then taken to the meditative state in order that it might be seated there as an experience which has been learned and is now available for future use.

Many entities have programed situations which are most difficult to consider experiencing in a conscious fashion in the third-density illusion. There are various reasons why entities may choose to suffer, as you would say, to place themselves in a situation which seems to cause excessive pain physically, emotionally, mentally, and perhaps even spiritually.

Why would entities do such a thing as this—to bring upon themselves that which one would wish to avoid? Is not happiness the goal of your illusion? No, my friends, happiness is not the goal of your illusion. Learning to love under all possible circumstances is indeed the goal which each of you seeks. This is not to say that one cannot feel happy, or joy, and still be upon the spiritual path. It is that the happiness is not that which you seek primarily. Happiness may be an outgrowth of your seeking.

Hatonn, channeled by L/L Research on March 5, 2016

The complete message is freely available in L/L Research’s Channeling Transcript Library, also in German, Spanish and Russian.

Hatonn’s German messages can additionally be read on  http://hatonnspricht.wordpress.com.

Faith, governor of the journey

Faith is much like the traveler who is weary. The traveler may move ahead in a blind faith that the end of the daylight shall bring shelter and the traveler will indeed find somewhere upon which he may rest his head. There is another traveler who is equally weary who governs his faith in the kindness of the universe by as clear a perception as possible of the nature of the country in which he roams. It is far easier for the faithful weary traveler to exercise faith in the midst of one of your townships than in the midst of a wilderness. However, blind faith has its lessons also and sometimes when there is no way to judge the future so as to be a more intelligent user of faith, we recommend the attitude which allows our traveler upon his journey weary doing that which it is he must do whether or not he is in a wilderness. If a traveler departs from faith, he departs from that which is the governor of his journey.

Hatonn, Mai ’83

True mental maturity

It is necessary to reject thoughts that continually infringe upon your mind from your present environment and to carefully select each thought that you generate in order to reach a state of true mental maturity.

You might ask how it is possible to select thoughts of value from thoughts that are meaningless, or of little value. It is very simple, my friends. All that is necessary is for you to analyze the thought with respect to the real objectives of your person. If the thought has true consequence, if the thought is of a true developmental nature—that is to say, if it develops either your consciousness or the consciousness of someone else with whom you are communicating—then it is a worthwhile thought. If it does not develop the consciousness, then it is probably of very little value.

Hatonn, in the Maturity Meditation (1972)

That there never need be another crucifixion

If there are no more questions, I will speak very briefly and close through another instrument. We realize that there are several of you in the room who are wondering about the one known as Jesus. This instrument, for instance, is a confirmed and believing Christian, and while we feel that sometimes her concepts are naive, we do not find her Christianity to be a difficulty to us in using her as a channel. Conversely, she does not find us a threat to her Christianity. However, this understanding is not given to all and they may wonder, if we of the Confederation can speak of all religions and all cultures as being one, who then is the one known as Jesus. And we would answer that question as best we can by discussing with you the concept of karma, with which most of you are quite familiar. Karma being a type of cause and effect in which energies are put into action by former thoughts and deeds which culminate in a present necessity for some kind of atonement or balancing. Thus, if someone or a group of people have been very negative …

(Side one of tape ends.)

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. As we were saying, my friends, before we were electronically interrupted, when an entire culture has developed a very large amount of negative karma there is an opportunity for a consciousness, such a one as you know as Jesus. This consciousness is a special one and is indeed so close to that of the original Thought that it is almost difficult to understand an incarnation of such a being into your chemical illusion. However, such was the desire of this consciousness and as the supreme transmuter, as the one known as Jesus was upon his cross, he transmuted the collected negative karma of the past so that it was no more.

Two thousand years ago, as you say in your language, your peoples began with a slate that was wiped clean of karma. However, my friends, your peoples have been creating another situation that lies somewhat on the negative side. We hope for your sake as well as for ours that you can curb your instincts towards war. And by remembering the Creator and others in each moment of your life, alleviate that karma, little by little, so that there never need be another crucifixion.

This is our understanding of the one known to you as Jesus. We know him also and feel that as a teacher, as one who is one with the Father, and as one who saved his flock fearlessly, he has no equal. This is our understanding of the one you know as Jesus.

But we must remind you, that worship must be not of a man but of a Creator. As Jesus has said to you in his holy work, “It is not I, but my Father in me, that doeth these things.” So let it be with you, my friends, not you but the Creator can live your life also. And each of your days, whatever the external circumstance, may be filled with a special kind of sunshine and love that comes from being at one with the harmony of the creation. I would like to close this contact through the instrument known as B, if she would accept our contact at this time. I am Hatonn.

Hatonn, November 18, 1979