Don Elkins’ introduction to Voices of the Confederation (I)

It was a cold, clear evening in February, 1963. There were fifteen people sitting in Hal Price’s living room, although they were hard to count in the darkness. The house was situated in middle class, suburban normalcy in one of the small cities around Louisville, Kentucky. But inside the dark room, the fifteen people were acting somewhat oddly.

Don Elkins (possibly 1968)
Don Elkins

If you looked closely, the faint light that filtered through the fabric of the closed curtain was sufficient to reveal that a few of the people there were opening and closing their mouths, and occasionally one of them would rapidly move his tongue, making a clicking sound with his mouth.

Then one of those present began to speak in a strange, extremely forced manner.  Greetings in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator,” he blurted.

Another person asked, “Are you nearby?”

In the same strained voice, the first speaker suggested that if the person who asked would come outside, they would show him the craft. First all fifteen people went outside for the craft, but they saw nothing but a clear and starry sky. The people went back inside and resumed their former posture.

Again the speaker with the strained voice suggested that if the one who had asked where the craft was would come outside, this person would be shown their craft. The questioner immediately left the group. When he got outside he waited for no more than twenty seconds. Then he saw an orangeish light, which crossed the sky until it came to rest over his head. It then changed colors, from orange through blue to white. It remained fixed for a few seconds, larger than Venus, but smaller than the moon. Then it disappeared.

I was one of the fifteen who were at that meeting in February, 1963. I did not see that UFO. However, careful questioning of the man who saw it convinced me that the phenomenon was within the limits for definite classification as an “unidentified” object. I have, however, seen two other UFOs, and have pursued numerous allegations of contact with UFOs since that time.

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To stand for love

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Carla L. Rueckert (1982)

When we do meet that soul stream again after our deaths, it is very likely that we will either have just graduated from third density or just been slotted for another cycle of 76,000-plus years in another third-density environment, on another earth-like world.

It is in this context that I ask you to consider what you hope for when you come to that moment? Do you hope to have graduated? If so, the way of doing that is simple and straightforward. Make the First Choice. Make it with all of your heart. Decide that in this lifetime you will stand for love. You will be an agent of the love of the infinite Creator. When you fall down and make errors, you will pick yourself up and start over.

If you can make that simple commitment to intending with all of your heart to be an ethical being, by your very intention you have just reached a service-to-others polarity that will allow you to graduate. The change in vibration is instantaneous.

Living the Law of One cover - 401 x 600-228x228Carla Rueckert in Living the Law of One,101: The Coice, Chapter 2

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Devotion to the Beloved

4th and last part of Excerpts from L/L Research’s 
channeling with the Principle of Q’uo on February 19, 2011

Those who would be priests among all peoples have generally sought to work with consciousness itself, to work with their thoughts, both on a moment-to-moment basis and on the deeper level of work in consciousness, to tune their thoughts to the pitch of love. In many, many ways there has been the dedication to devotion of the beloved One. There has been time set aside to tabernacle with the Creator, to come in from the desert of everyday life into the oasis of grace and mercy, to enter the tent of prayer and to rest in silence with the Beloved, blind to the world, open to the spirit.

You may have wondered why there is such a multiplicity of takes on how to serve the Creator, how to know the Creator. The answer to that, my friends, lies deep within the history of your planet (…) Various archetypal minds, various cultures, have found different doors of perception that work for them.

The perception of those such as the one known as Y has found useful is a perception that does not accept the reality of third density in the physical illusion. This is radically different from, for instance, the typical perception of those within the American culture or the European culture where great respect is given to the solidity of life, its mass and weight and physical characteristics. Your culture has found great value in coming more and more to understand how things work from the standpoint of chemistry, physics, mathematics and so forth.

Those who are able to develop the kind of realization that frees them ultimately from the bounds of the physical are those who have grown up breathing in the air of belief in the reality not of this illusion but of the Creator.

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The key is that we share one consciousness

Part III of Excerpts from L/L Research’s
channeling with the Principle of Q’uo on February 19, 2011
One of Carla Rueckerts last channelings

Carla Lisbeth Rueckert (1943-2015)

Life, as it passes by the individual consciousness, seems to be very solid. Yet, it is not. The flow of time and space has endless potential. For those who seek deeply enough into the present moment, that moment, every moment, comes alive. Beneath your feet, the floor opens up and you can dive into that present moment. Boundaries fall away and as the song which you heard before this meditation says, you can be unbound.

Some attempt to approach this state of consciousness from the standpoint of clearing the body  (…) Others approach the problem of lifting consciousness from its moorings in third density by reading and attempting to assimilate the gathered wisdom of all religions and all cultures (…) The key to this work is this: the consciousness that you share with all others who are self-aware is one. It is the consciousness of the Creator. It is the consciousness of complete and unconditional love. [It is] not love as known to the poets who speak of romance. [It is] not the love of brother for brother. [It is] not the love that is sentimentalized in valentines tied up with ribbons, gifted with pretty gems. This is a love that creates and destroys. This is a state of aliveness and endless potential.

The vibration of love is the vibration upon which the planets turn in their courses, the suns rotate in the galaxies ever so slowly to your eyes [as they] climb the heavens. You are a spark of that one original Thought. Advancement in any density can be measured by how near the vibration of your consciousness matches the vibration of the one infinite Creator.

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Ascension of the body: not for all a helpful concept

Excerpts of L/L Research’s channeling with Q’uo
dated February 19, 2011 (II)

Now, what virtue is there in considering how to ascend while in the body? My friends, in terms of activity within the body, we do not find that this is a helpful concept for all people. The reason that we say this is that each of you won his or her way into the earth plane [at the time of] the harvest. Many there are who wished to have incarnations upon Planet Earth at this time, either to help raise the consciousness of Planet Earth with their love, or to do the work of third density in achieving a satisfactory balance between love and wisdom, love and power, or wisdom and power.

Consequently, having won your way into the physical, we find there is wisdom in choosing to stay with the incarnation until you have learned all you can and served all you are able and are truly ready to let go of third density and all of its gifts and challenges.

However, the one known as Y noted that the kind of ascension that she has seen discussed in the book The Masters of the Far East [1] seems to be a lot like living in fourth density, and we find that the heart of the question concerning ascension while in the physical body is keyed to this realization.

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the whole message is available in L/L Research’s library

[1] Baird T. Spalding

About the Ascension of Jesus Christ

A series of excerpts
from the L/L Research channeling session
of February 19, 2011 (I)

The Ascension by Gustave Doré

Jim McCarty: (…) We would like some information tonight on the type of ascension that, say, Jesus did, or certain masters of all religions have done. I think Ra spoke of the 150 souls who were graduated after the second cycle. They could either go on to fourth density, if they wished, or stay, as they all chose to do, because they wished to see all of their brothers and sisters, shall we say, ascend or graduate with them. So we would like to know something about this type of ascension in which certain masters of all cultures throughout the ages have participated.

(Carla Rueckert channeling)

We are the principle known to you as those of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening.


We would start with the Christian concept of ascension. The act of leaving the third density while in one’s body and going elsewhere is called ascension because in the Old Testament and the New Testament, those of seemingly greatly advanced wisdom or love were able to be taken from the Earth. We note Elijah and his whirlwind and Jesus and his cross. Therefore, it is considered that they ascended in their bodies.

From our point of view, we would say that ascension in general means to the population of those not Christian, perhaps not on a particular religious path at all, the event tied in with the date of the Winter Solstice of 2012, or whenever a particular seeker considers that third density is over and the next density or Age of man has begun.

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