To stand for love

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Carla L. Rueckert (1982)

When we do meet that soul stream again after our deaths, it is very likely that we will either have just graduated from third density or just been slotted for another cycle of 76,000-plus years in another third-density environment, on another earth-like world.

It is in this context that I ask you to consider what you hope for when you come to that moment? Do you hope to have graduated? If so, the way of doing that is simple and straightforward. Make the First Choice. Make it with all of your heart. Decide that in this lifetime you will stand for love. You will be an agent of the love of the infinite Creator. When you fall down and make errors, you will pick yourself up and start over.

If you can make that simple commitment to intending with all of your heart to be an ethical being, by your very intention you have just reached a service-to-others polarity that will allow you to graduate. The change in vibration is instantaneous.

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