The key is that we share one consciousness

Part III of Excerpts from L/L Research’s
channeling with the Principle of Q’uo on February 19, 2011
One of Carla Rueckerts last channelings

Carla Lisbeth Rueckert (1943-2015)

Life, as it passes by the individual consciousness, seems to be very solid. Yet, it is not. The flow of time and space has endless potential. For those who seek deeply enough into the present moment, that moment, every moment, comes alive. Beneath your feet, the floor opens up and you can dive into that present moment. Boundaries fall away and as the song which you heard before this meditation says, you can be unbound.

Some attempt to approach this state of consciousness from the standpoint of clearing the body  (…) Others approach the problem of lifting consciousness from its moorings in third density by reading and attempting to assimilate the gathered wisdom of all religions and all cultures (…) The key to this work is this: the consciousness that you share with all others who are self-aware is one. It is the consciousness of the Creator. It is the consciousness of complete and unconditional love. [It is] not love as known to the poets who speak of romance. [It is] not the love of brother for brother. [It is] not the love that is sentimentalized in valentines tied up with ribbons, gifted with pretty gems. This is a love that creates and destroys. This is a state of aliveness and endless potential.

The vibration of love is the vibration upon which the planets turn in their courses, the suns rotate in the galaxies ever so slowly to your eyes [as they] climb the heavens. You are a spark of that one original Thought. Advancement in any density can be measured by how near the vibration of your consciousness matches the vibration of the one infinite Creator.

The entire message is avaiable in L/L Research’s transcript library.

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