Ascension of the body: not for all a helpful concept

Excerpts of L/L Research’s channeling with Q’uo
dated February 19, 2011 (II)

Now, what virtue is there in considering how to ascend while in the body? My friends, in terms of activity within the body, we do not find that this is a helpful concept for all people. The reason that we say this is that each of you won his or her way into the earth plane [at the time of] the harvest. Many there are who wished to have incarnations upon Planet Earth at this time, either to help raise the consciousness of Planet Earth with their love, or to do the work of third density in achieving a satisfactory balance between love and wisdom, love and power, or wisdom and power.

Consequently, having won your way into the physical, we find there is wisdom in choosing to stay with the incarnation until you have learned all you can and served all you are able and are truly ready to let go of third density and all of its gifts and challenges.

However, the one known as Y noted that the kind of ascension that she has seen discussed in the book The Masters of the Far East [1] seems to be a lot like living in fourth density, and we find that the heart of the question concerning ascension while in the physical body is keyed to this realization.

to be continued
the whole message is available in L/L Research’s library

[1] Baird T. Spalding

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