This Holy Day

An inspirational message for September 29

I am the spirit of the living God and I greet you in the full consciousness which is the love of Jesus the Christ.

See before you now an holy day!

Hold your hands before you and know that if you dwell within the spirit of love these hands may be instruments of love to do divine work in a divine world.

Gaze at your feet, holy feet which may carry you to no place which is not holy.

Sense the pounding of your heart and the movement of blood in the veins. This is an holy body in and of itself and more and more full of self-awareness of love as the mind and heart love and dedicate this body to the principle of love.

Ask the mind and heart to love and dedicate this body to the principle of love.

You do not know what you might manifest within this day and night to come. You do not know what troubles shall arise which seem so persuasively to point to things that are not blessed. Yet within each abuse of body, mind and spirit there lies that soul, that infinite intelligence which is masked to the human eye but which is never absent from the spiritual picture of your day.

Know, and know in a deep and final way, that all things tend to good; that all disharmony tends towards love; that all despair tends towards hope, and all loss tends towards inner realization. And embrace each and every aspect of your experience in the firm faith of Christ, seemingly crucified, forever alive.

We leave you in Christ’s own peace, now and always.

from A Book of Days, Channeling from the Holy Spirit (Carla Rueckert)


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