Are “you” the here and now?

I Yadda. I greet you in love and light of infinite Creator. I give this instrument no peace so she give me no peace either, so I speak what I have to say. I come in the name of Christ. At least I do not have to believe in Santa Claus. For this I am grateful. We come because question, “Who am I?” We always come to that call. What is “you”? Are “you” the here and now? Why are you here and now? Why have you decided to become a bird only to clip your wings and never fly? Why do you make of yourself the great mountain, only to bulldoze yourself to a small hill? Why do you make of yourself the sky and by act of meditation become the earth? Why are things so? There is a wedding of earth and sky. When you have chosen your here and now, your earth, then it is that you must decide how much of heaven you will allow yourself. Meditate, and you are in the kingdom of heaven. You fly like the bird. You stand tall as a mountain. You are not limited. Why do you wish to be so completely here and now when you can be free to be everywhere and everything? Who are you? Meditate, my friends, and give yourself to yourself.

I am Yadda. I leave you as I come. In dark and light. In the unity of all that there is, all that there will be and all that there has been. In the silent unity of forever that is your present moment. Adonai.


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