The indigo ray can be quite overwhelming

In the indigo ray, there is a great feeling of blessing available. One can become quite intoxicated by this feeling of blessing. It is not unknown among your people to have serious spiritual seekers have experiences in which they break through to the indigo ray and feel themselves to be overwhelmed by the splendor of the energy there to be discovered. On such occasions, you do find those who feel they can now sally forth with the message that they can uniquely bring to a struggling humanity.

But we would suggest to you that when this happens it is often the case that a precipitous conclusion is drawn to the effect that a message of a particularly limited kind is the truth to be conveyed, and we would suggest that the limitations of the message are often reflective of the particular characteristics of that individual seeker involving work that has been left undone at the lower energy centers.

Q’uo, September 19, 2015


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