Joy in relation to others of one’s immediate acquaintance, joy in being who one is


Now, with such an attitude in place, one may move up the system of energy centers to that ray which we have called the orange, and we find there that the attitudes that one has towards other selves with whom one has a personal relation are central to this energy center; and also the sense of self that one entertains for oneself is a factor of importance for dealing with the intake of energy at this level. Blockages may occur at this center when difficulties are discovered, either in the relation of the self to itself, or in the relation of the self to another. If these blockages are in place, it is well not to attempt to go higher, for to do so will mean that one is working with higher energies in a way which is distorted at a level below their proper sphere, and it is not possible to correct these imbalances while in the configuration of the higher energy center. Therefore, while for example, it may seem highly desirable to the seeker to be doing work in the blue ray or in the indigo ray center in meditation, this work will not be effective until the clearing of the lower energy centers has been achieved. When one feels joy in relation to others of one’s immediate acquaintance, when one feels joy in being who one is, one can then make the effort to move higher in the chain of energy centers, and undertake work within the yellow ray center of activity.

Q’uo, 19 September 2015

The complete message is available in the L/L Research library in English, French, German


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