A bright and cheerful attitude toward spiritual work is the best beginning

The question of the energy centers is indeed among the most central for those of third density who wish to engage in that kind of spiritual work which can best be done in meditation. The energy centers can be likened to a musical instrument in the sense that the different centers each contribute to the whole by providing a tone, one could say, that when played well, provides an harmonic expression of the spiritual being. So while it is true that there is an hierarchical structure to the energy centers, it is also true that, in a well-tuned being, all centers are contributing simultaneously. So we would caution against attempting to occupy, in your meditations, simply the highest of the energy centers that you feel is accessible to you at the expense of the lower energy centers, which we would stress, do still form an important part of your being and indeed the more basic part of your energy system.


So, if we may begin by looking at the red ray energy center, as we have called it, which you may find at the base of your spine. This is the center at which energy is first taken up into the more etheric body and while work of a more individual or particular sort may not be done at the red ray level, it is yet an important consideration to have this energy center open, for it gives the entire system the initial fusion—infusion, we correct this instrument—of energy that comes in from below. The factors that tend to close off the red ray are those of fear, those of excessive anger, those of excessive lust. Such factors as these can so overwhelm the energy system that no further work may meaningfully be done while they prevail. So, a bright and cheerful attitude toward spiritual work is, what we may call, the best beginning.

Q’uo, 19 September 2015

The complete message is available in the L/L Research library in English, French, German


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