The Choice

Living the Law of One cover - 401 x 600-228x228QUESTIONER:What I am really attempting to understand is why this choice is so important, why the Logos seems to put so much emphasis on this choice, and what function this choice of polarity has, precisely, in the evolution or the experience of that which is created by the Logos?

RA: I am Ra. The polarization or choosing of each mind/body/spirit is necessary for harvestability from third density. The higher densities do their work due to the polarity gained in this choice.

[…] Yet in the end, change is inevitable and on-going. This world and all of its seeming treasure is but an illusion and shall vanish eventually. We must look elsewhere than this physical world for real immortality.

And we have no further to look than our inner beings. Our essential selves are immortal. We as individuals in this life all are a part of something the Confederation calls our soul streams. Each of our lifetimes has added to the content of our own soul stream. When we rejoin our soul stream after this life is over, we shall remeet our whole self, that self that is not the personality shell but the essence of the self that has gone through all these lifetimes.

Carla L. Rueckert in Living the Law of One, 101: The Choice


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