Energy of intelligence, the daily gift of the Creator

Some incarnations may be more successful in the learning than others. When there are setbacks, shall we say, when that lesson which has desired to be learned is not completely learned, or other lessons come along with it, then there are what you may call, the blockages of the free energy flowing through you, for each of you, my friends, receives, as a gift from the One Creator, what may be called “energy of intelligence” or “intelligent energy” each day that moves through your feet and lower chakras and moves as it will and as it can through each chakra. However, if there are blockages for one kind of energy or another in one chakra or another, then it is that there is a bumpy flow, it is not smooth, it is not continuous, it is not able to move forward in the desired fashion. Thus there is more work that must be done, and this is the indication to the student that there are other lessons to learn in order to remove these blockages.

Q’uo, January 02, 2016


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