Faith, governor of the journey

Faith is much like the traveler who is weary. The traveler may move ahead in a blind faith that the end of the daylight shall bring shelter and the traveler will indeed find somewhere upon which he may rest his head. There is another traveler who is equally weary who governs his faith in the kindness of the universe by as clear a perception as possible of the nature of the country in which he roams. It is far easier for the faithful weary traveler to exercise faith in the midst of one of your townships than in the midst of a wilderness. However, blind faith has its lessons also and sometimes when there is no way to judge the future so as to be a more intelligent user of faith, we recommend the attitude which allows our traveler upon his journey weary doing that which it is he must do whether or not he is in a wilderness. If a traveler departs from faith, he departs from that which is the governor of his journey.

Hatonn, Mai ’83


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