That there never need be another crucifixion

If there are no more questions, I will speak very briefly and close through another instrument. We realize that there are several of you in the room who are wondering about the one known as Jesus. This instrument, for instance, is a confirmed and believing Christian, and while we feel that sometimes her concepts are naive, we do not find her Christianity to be a difficulty to us in using her as a channel. Conversely, she does not find us a threat to her Christianity. However, this understanding is not given to all and they may wonder, if we of the Confederation can speak of all religions and all cultures as being one, who then is the one known as Jesus. And we would answer that question as best we can by discussing with you the concept of karma, with which most of you are quite familiar. Karma being a type of cause and effect in which energies are put into action by former thoughts and deeds which culminate in a present necessity for some kind of atonement or balancing. Thus, if someone or a group of people have been very negative …

(Side one of tape ends.)

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. As we were saying, my friends, before we were electronically interrupted, when an entire culture has developed a very large amount of negative karma there is an opportunity for a consciousness, such a one as you know as Jesus. This consciousness is a special one and is indeed so close to that of the original Thought that it is almost difficult to understand an incarnation of such a being into your chemical illusion. However, such was the desire of this consciousness and as the supreme transmuter, as the one known as Jesus was upon his cross, he transmuted the collected negative karma of the past so that it was no more.

Two thousand years ago, as you say in your language, your peoples began with a slate that was wiped clean of karma. However, my friends, your peoples have been creating another situation that lies somewhat on the negative side. We hope for your sake as well as for ours that you can curb your instincts towards war. And by remembering the Creator and others in each moment of your life, alleviate that karma, little by little, so that there never need be another crucifixion.

This is our understanding of the one known to you as Jesus. We know him also and feel that as a teacher, as one who is one with the Father, and as one who saved his flock fearlessly, he has no equal. This is our understanding of the one you know as Jesus.

But we must remind you, that worship must be not of a man but of a Creator. As Jesus has said to you in his holy work, “It is not I, but my Father in me, that doeth these things.” So let it be with you, my friends, not you but the Creator can live your life also. And each of your days, whatever the external circumstance, may be filled with a special kind of sunshine and love that comes from being at one with the harmony of the creation. I would like to close this contact through the instrument known as B, if she would accept our contact at this time. I am Hatonn.

Hatonn, November 18, 1979


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