We are with you at all times

I am the one known to you as Hatonn. And yet, I am many. I identify myself to you as Hatonn, and yet, this does not mean what it means upon the surface of your planet. I am Hatonn, but what does this mean? Does it mean that I am a man, who resides elsewhere and speaks to you now using a technique you have come to know as telepathy? Or does it mean something else?

I am Hatonn. I and my brothers are with you. We are each with you. At this time and at all times, we are with you for we cannot be separated.


I identify myself to you as the one that you know as Hatonn. However, this is for purposes of establishing a contact between you and us. We, of the planet Hatonn, are known as Hatonn. This identification is more of an address than it is an identification of a separate part of the creation. We do not recognize a separation in this creation. We only recognize unity. It is, however, convenient to have an address. That is, a system of location of part of the unity. And, for this reason, we identify ourselves as Hatonn.


channeled by L/L Research on March 24, 1974


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