Intelligent energy, or love, on a daily basis

So how do you go about opening your hearts, to allow the divine guidance, the divine presence, the one Creator, a heart of love—whatever you wish to call it—this quality that may aid you on your journey by changing your point of view, by changing the nature of your beingness, by making you able to channel through your being those loving energies which encircle and enwrap all difficulties, and destroy them with love by making them also love. How is it that one can do such a work of what would seem to be a magical nature? It is not often possible to go directly to the heart and to command it to open and expect it to do so. It is however possible to approach the heart from another direction, shall we say the chakras that precede the energy reaching the heart. For each of you, my friends, receives this intelligent energy, or love, from the one Creator upon a daily basis. It moves through your lower chakras beginning at the red ray level. That level which deals with your very survival as a physical being upon this planet. And which expresses itself as well in your sexual nature where you are able to reproduce your species, able to refresh your being and that of your mate, and allow those energies to move even higher so that the intelligent energy or love of the one Creator begins to make a pathway or channel through your system of chakras.

from Q’uo spoken on 3 October 2015


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