Coming soon, without spectacular exhibition: enlightenment for the people on our planet

This instrument and the other instruments in the group have been told of an enlightenment for the people on your planet. This enlightenment is soon, my friends. There will not be a spectacular exhibition. This will come slowly. There will be much work for all of you. There will be no need to contact other people. They will be searching for you. They will be seeking and all of you are conditioned to help. There are a number of groups in this area. There are a great number of groups in your country. There are more than you are aware of. There are groups and there are individuals working for the same purpose. These people are not aware of our people, but their principles and purposes are the same. These people are being contacted but they are not aware of it. This, my friends, is a beautiful period to be on this planet. This is a privilege that you have earned by your experience. This will be an experience that you will cherish.

Excerpt from a telepathic channeling session on October 30, 1958

in EXTRATERRESTRIAL COMMUNICATION (Telepathy Data Collected By D. T. ELKINS) (c) L/L Research


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