Kundalini experiences of catalyst in the journey of seeking

You ask this day how it is possible for the seeker of truth to determine the level at which the seeking takes place as recorded in your energy centers—or chakra system—as a means by which to modulate and accelerate the inpouring energy of the logos that moves through the south poles of your energy field in a magnetic fashion, and seeks to unite with that birth right which each has in the violet ray chakra; the guiding star of the self, shall we say. Each of you, as you move through your daily round of activities, experiences catalyst in a variety of ways. The catalyst is so called because it allows you to glean from these interactions with other selves that which is of value to you in your own journey of seeking.

There are many such interactions for each seeker in each day’s round of activities. If you wish to analyze these interactions for their ability to assist your journey of seeking, it is well to reserve a portion of each daily period at the end of the day to enter into the meditative state and to examine what has occurred for you in this day, in the way of interactions which have moved you away from the compassion and understanding which is the goal of the seeker of truth. If you have felt yourself moved in one particular way or another, you may look at that movement that has, shall we say, taken you from your center of self, and assign to that movement a certain center of energy which is, shall we say, the home ground or bastion of that particular kind of energy expenditure.

Q’uo, 19 September 2015

The complete message is available in the L/L Research library in English, French, German,

in German also on quo.dasgesetzdeseinen.de

Artwork by

Siddhasana.jpg (derivative work: Mirzolot2) via Wikimedia Commons


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