How to deal with influences of a negative nature

We may speak in general,
and suggest that at any point in one’s experience that
one feels influences of a negative nature, that is, of a
nature which seems to oppose the movement of
one’s free will, that the response which is most
helpful is that response which moves with greatest
freedom without distortion and with the widest
possible view of the experience which has been
encountered. That is to say, as one is able to see all
entities, thoughts and experiences as portions of the
one Creator and is able to bless and love these
experiences, one then moves to their heart and at
that point joins in love with them. If any outer
expression by another entity, then, is not congruent
to that heartfelt expression, such an entity will find it
necessary to remove its presence from the mirror
which reflects to it the heart of love which it itself
has denied in order that it might progress upon that
path which may be characterized by the phrase, “the
path of that which is not”—separation.

from Laitos@L/L Research


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