Each stumbling block does not in truth hinder the journey but truly speeds it

Now we move on to that subject of the stumbling block in general. Every so-called stumbling block is most important for any seeker, whatever nature the stumbling block may take. For it is not the purpose of your illusion nor of your incarnation to move smoothly without the jolts and jangles and stumbling from time to time. It is in such upsetting of the journey that all is shifted about so that there needs from time to time to be a reassessment of that which has been gained and that which is sought and the means for doing so by the seeker of truth. It is at such times that whatever spiritual strength that has been gained by the seeker is put into play and is allowed its full reach that the seeker, as the young kitten, may test itself and roll and tumble with life and its catalyst, if we may so pun, and find that new synthesis of being. The continuation of the journey of seeking is that which is most important for it is an infinite journey and each stumbling block does not in truth hinder the journey but truly speeds it by providing the opportunity for that which is old and worn and no longer useful to be discarded and for that which is a new possibility for the seeker’s consideration to be placed before the seeker’s mind.

by Latwii@L/L Research


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