If one reaches down to the source it is no longer possible to distinguish self from self

This blooming of concepts within the deep mind is the manner in which our thoughts came to you, in the blended energies of our two selves. Thus, if one reaches down to the source it is not wholly possible any longer to distinguish self from self, as indeed within the process of this greeting we do not distinguish ourselves from those embracing energies of All That Is, the infinite and creative love which is source to us and to you all alike.

The fear which separates self from self shall gradually, my brothers and sisters in the light, fall away as do the petals of a spent blossom, even as the blossom closer to its heart continues to unfurl.

We encourage each in the process of tuning and of allowing this deeper self greater and greater access and greater and greater voice within the life experience, which is your gift to be able to enjoy at this time.

from Hatonn @ L/L Research


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