What matters

It seems to me that if indeed every one is the Creator and love is the most important thing, then the place to start is with love of the self, because when you love yourself, you are indeed loving the Creator which encompasses everything. Could you please comment on that for me?

I am Latwii, and we shall attempt, my brother, to comment upon this most central query in the life of the seeker. Indeed, if it be true that all is One and that one is the one Creator, then you have truly spoken when you have suggested that one may begin with love of the self. In truth, my brother, one may begin at any point, for all points are one. The choice of perspective is that choice which each seeker must arrive at by whatever means has value to the seeker. You may begin at any chosen point, but when you begin at an individualized portion of that one Creator, you first begin with you, for that is all the limited consciousness within your illusion encompasses.

As you first begin your life upon this plane you form the idea of the self first. You then take that self upon many journeys. That self thinks many thoughts about everything that is placed before it, and if that self can feel the security and wholeness of its own being, indeed, if it can love itself, then this love may expand as do the rings of a pond when a stone is thrown within it, and these rings of love then may encompass all that the self touches and all that the self becomes aware of. It would seem that this would be the most efficacious means of knowing love and seeking the one Creator that is in all, yet for many the path is more circuitous, for one or another many selves are given the added opportunity, shall we say—burden, perhaps you will say—of finding difficulties within the self which do not seem lovable. These difficulties or opportunities are for the purpose of enhancing some aspect of love which the entity before the incarnation felt it lacked capability in expressing.

Thus, many entities begin their search and seeking for love and unity partially within and partially without the self. The journey of seeking this love may for some be more efficacious when the love is expressed for another being, perhaps for a place, perhaps for an art, perhaps a thought, perhaps a project and so forth. Then when an entity sees itself reflected in that other self, thought, art or thing, it becomes more able to appreciate and to love self. Thus, it matters not so much where one begins as it matters that one begin to seek love and to find unity with all things. For these basic, what you would call, truths that permeate your entire illusion and all previous and future illusions are similarly built upon the unity of all things and the love which motivates the experience of things, places, universes and entities within them.

from http://llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/1985/1985_0616.aspx


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