To the seeker, perhaps the most burning question

[…] To the seeker, perhaps the most burning question of daily living is the question of how to serve those about you. For those who do not seek, the question remains, yet is phrased differently, depending upon the polarity of the entity. To those who are neutral, the question is how to get along with those about you, how to impress those about you, how to live among other people. For those negatively oriented, the question is how to manipulate other people, how to use other people, and how to enslave other people.

[…] Those of the positive polarity are of service when by action or thought or even intention, another entity or the self is freer to seek his or her own path than before the intended service was performed. The seeker who loves others wishes them to be free. When that seeker is intimately associated with others, that desire can become so far misted and confused by the glassy illusion of societal demands, of shoulds and oughts, that it is often beyond any conscious understanding to reason out how to be of service. Often, in order to grant another freedom, the greatest service is to remain anonymously and impersonally compassionate and supportive. In other words, to pull the point of view backwards, to remove oneself from the microcosm of the relationship to the macrocosm of the perfection of all that is conscious and of the infinity of time that each conscious being has to choose freely, first this path, then this one, and then another.



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