There are those who do not wish to cook

There are those who do not wish to cook and so they go to restaurants and eat other people’s cooking. It is possible that the same food cooked carefully and in small portions, might taste better made at home, but it is not the quality of the food that interests those who go to restaurants as much as the convenience and the lack of personal labor involved in the ingesting of someone else’s food. Such is the nature of any dogmatic religion.


We disclaim any criticism of your religions for it is in the cradle of systematized religious knowledge that those young souls who come into third density thirsting for spiritual truth are given the greatest chance of making contact with themselves in a spiritual sense at a young enough age that the self may eventually use all the knowledge of organized religion to gain courage to take the plunge beneath the surface thought.


Do you, to some extent, regret loss of Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism or any so-called organized religion? It is not necessary. It is possible for you to both know of the surface nature of dogma and to know that is also a valuable key which, used by a seeker, may open the door to the self.

During your meditations you can come very close to a door. Even if you do not meditate daily or not at all, it is possible to attain fairly quickly a certain level of awareness of exactly what sort of thing it is that you are seeking, what kind of journey you wish to make, and what equipment you wish to take with you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The kind of equipment that you look for, the kind of tools, the kind of thoughts that you wish to pack in your bag, are those things which produce fertility or leaven for change, giving good fruit, giving heavenly bread, causing transformation in your journey. It is written in the Christian holy-work that the Kingdom of Heaven is like leaven, and that in time a little leavens the whole loaf. Again, it is like a grain of mustard seed that grows until the birds of the air may nest in its branches.


We encourage you in your growing transformations. Know that all of nature rejoices with you when you have touched upon that central joy that is the Creator within you. Know that it cannot get so deep that you cannot resurface if your seeking be always with the light touch, always with the grain of salt. Your innate seriousness, that is, the innate seriousness of your journey, of your natures, and of your being guarantee that you who have once become aware of terms such as consciousness and love and brotherhood shall not be able to lay those things down but shall carry them in your heart. That heart need not be heavy. The sunshine is within you; the bubbles that sparkle in your mineral waters are within you. The metaphysical humor of consciousness within your clumsy physical vehicles is within you. Circumstance may seem to assail you, but that which can heal and save [with room to spare] is within you.

So let us never bid farewell to Jupiter, nymphs and dryads and satyrs. Let us leave Gautama with his boat and the joys of Christ risen in the kingdom. Let us praise the way with Buddhists and rejoice at truth with the calm stoicism of Confucius. But most of all, let us trust in our own discrimination, in our information.

Each of you, my friends, has a critically unique path. What is extremely valuable for one entity may not inspire another. Therefore, again stepping back, release the rest of the population on your sphere from all judgment, for its spiritual search, for its dogmas, for its conceptions of the divine, and the nature of the self. What matters to you and what shall matter to you long after the physical vehicle which you wear is dust, is the deep self. And how shall you find the deep self? How shall you know yourself, and therefore the universe? One step at a time, my friends.



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