The positive and the negative path

Do you feel magical? Do you feel powerful?

If the answer comes too easily it is likely that there is that within you which would choose the easy way towards power, that is, the path of negativity, for each step upon the negative path seems from within to be positive: one wishes power so that one may help people; the way to help people is to give advice, give teaching; make sure that all is well by controlling various people and circumstances. All these things feel natural and good. Most beginning negative entities have no idea that they are embarking upon the path of negativity.

Contrasting with this is the positive path, where power is accrued by being the weakest, [inaudible] greatness is achieved by being the servant of others, where advice and teaching are given only when offered. How many among your religious systems, caught up in the fervor of rightness and righteousness, judge, condemn and control many for their own good? How few there are in your belief systems of religion who [inaudible] doctrine and dogma and seek to serve each entity according to its requests when it can, and offering only benediction, forgiveness and acceptance when it cannot. Yet to those few who know themselves well enough not to judge, not to control others, but to work on the self, to these few come strength, magical power and illumination of incandescent light which shoots through that darkness of metaphysical field like lightning. The world, as this instrument would say, cannot see that lightning. Only each individual pilgrim upon the positive path who moves into a life in faith, a life without fear, may be illumined. It moves through one, it does not stay with one. And such entities are channels of joy and peace.


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