All is well

Quote of the day from Q’uo

For those who are able to move into the heart, and to open up into that self that is love that is the heart of each, the illusion begins to shimmer and waver and finally to drop away from time to time completely, showing the great ocean of unity and love and tremendous emotional support which the Unity of the entire creation offers to the one who is able to move beyond appearances. To the one who has become able to rest in her own skin, in the knowledge that she is a perfect and worthy spark of the infinite Creator, as well as a bozo, and a wretch, and a sinner, and all of the other appellations with which humans are wont to name themselves when they see that they have made what they would consider mistakes. It becomes clear at last, as the mists lift, that all is well, all is One; the being is the service, and the doing, a secondary and distant detail.

in L/L Research Transcript, May 4 2003


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