When experiencing difficulties remember this

Many times as you travel through this life you shall experience difficulties. And each difficulty is placed before you in order that you may come to a realization. A realization that shall assist you in understanding yourself. A realization that shall assist you in understanding those about you and the world about you. As you penetrate the density and enter into the likeness and the presence of your Creator, you shall find that you shed layer by layer of those fears and doubts and anxieties that you have drawn unto yourself. And as these things are taken from you, as these things are released by you, the true existence of which you are becomes clearer and clearer. And my friends, once you have achieved the knowledge of yourself from the inner depths of your being, you shall realize that you not only know yourself but that you know your Creator. And you know the creation in which you exist. For as we have often said, as all of your great philosophies have stated, in true essence we are all one together. We all vacillate and exist within the same area of creation. And all energies continually flow together and penetrate one another. In knowing oneself, inwardly and outwardly and completely, is knowing all and knowing all people and all existence.

Source: L/L Research


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