Entering the 3rd density

Quote of the day from Q’uo:

A requirement for preparation to enter third density is…to place in safe-keeping the detailed memory of that metaphysical or time/space world from which you came in order to enter incarnation in third density. Regardless of the density from which you came, whether it was from second density into third, or from a higher density, looping back into third density, for more work within that crucible, [the] preconditions of entering third density are alike. That direct knowledge, or…gnosis of the Creator and of the self as an integral part of the Creator, must be placed aside and the veil of forgetting must drop, so that each entity that comes into third density comes into it blind and without the possibility of sight…Hints will constantly be given concerning the nature of that underlying ground of being which has been veiled over…while keeping any sort of objective proof from muddying the waters of unknowing.

Original: L/L Research Transcripts (April 18, 2004)


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