What is free will?

Free will is the ability to choose. Free will means taking a decision. Going down one path instead of another, taking one out of serveral options.

When you excerce your free will you will be influencing others to also take decisions because by excercing your will you have made a change to their energetic field.

Beings in your density won’t able to resist long to any changes in their energetic field and will come to the point where they cross the border from potentialities to experience or if you whish from space/time to time/space by taking their decision on a certain issue in the stream of events.

So free will is limited in that sense that you are only able to resist for so long to take a decision upon changes of your energetic field and therefore will have to express your will at some point. And if you haven’t made up your mind and heart about that issue you may take on somebody else’s will as a replacement.

Free will may then occur in the range of potentialities, some of them quite conscious ideas and visions of your self, some of them more and more influenced by others, some in the service of self, some in the service of others and some of them hidden in the subconscious, only ready to come out and take over spontaneously when the situation requires it.

Because the subconscious is part of your Higher Self and all your options are being recognized by the Higher Self, even the unconscious descisions that you take are part of your Higher Free Will. Therefore there is no right or wrong. There are no mistakes. Only lessons to be learned, experience to be gained in order to grow spiritually.


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