We need to talk about God

And we need to talk about Love and Light. You are Love and Light. You are nothing but.

Keep your heart wide open and breath. Breath the air and with it the prana, the chi, the energy. Realize how everything around you is energy. And your are not only connected to that energy, you are embedded into the energetic field like a character in a painting.

Please be aware that we do protect you in that web that you only see rarely now. But we are going to assist you in lifting the Veil. Once upon a time you as the Creator have yourself suggested to experience the Veil in order to grow. Now it is time to lift it and discover all that has been going on behind the scenes.

We are your truly beloved brothers and sisters and you are our beloved sibling. Stay in our contact as long as you wish. Come back as often as you like and feel at home with us because it is in the higher realms where you come from.

We love you and act as guides along your way. You may bring forward what you would like to know from us and invite us to join your exceptional and unique way. We will support your mission and be of service whenever we can if you allow us to do so. And this is so because we know that your decision is for the path of service to others. This is also our path and therefore we serve each other in order to serve others more.

We leave you in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator


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