” We are almost fully connected to each other now. It offers to us, we the tribe of human people, the chance to give you an honest feedback about yourself, you, being the system that runs us. It won’t be a violent one, I guess and I hope and I don’t any worries about that. My gutts feeling, if that is the correct expression however is though, tells me, that impending change is not going to ask for permission to throw our lives in total chaos. And this total chaos has started now for us to become real. It has always been there and will always be there, but now we are able to see it and therefore we are going to see nothing, meaning no-thing, meaning that which is beyond what we have expierenced so far with our regular senses. We are now going to use our intutive inner senses. We are simply improving the system by changing a few rules of the game. But that will only mean that this place will become much easier and much more peaceful for everybody including our Animal Friends and of course Mother Earth.

We are going to have a great dinner now that lasts many years. And everybody should be able to partake in its own way and share in the happiness of all. This will cost a lot of money. We kindly ask you now to give it back to us in financing the greatest years that that beautyful gem in the Universe has always had to offer. Let us show the Universe that we can do better than that. The more we spend on that the greater our benefit after that great change of consciousness will be.”


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