Religions, thank you all!

Dear Christians, dear Muslims, dear Hindus, dear Jews, dear Buddhists,

dear all practitioners of religion,

THANK YOU FOR ALL You have given to us.

From Jesus we have learned that we can all make it if we follow the way he shows. That we should love each other and ourselves. And that we will be forgiven.

From Mohammed we have received an enlightening view on God and His Creation. And we are amazed to see what great wisdom in terms of organizing societey and daily life of people we can find in Islam.

From the Hindus, Yogis and Buddhists we learn peaceful lifestyle, modesty and humility. And an entrance to subtly and mystic knowledge of the Truth.

The Jewish tradition is the Mother of Semitic religion, meaning also Christianity and Islam. Here we have learned the severe ground rules of religion. Judaism also has maintained the great mystic know-ledge of the kabbalah.

Let us now work togetheter in the love and respect that our own religions are trying to teach us since the beginning.

Let us put the pieces of the puzzle together and join up with the non-mainstream groups of shamans, spiritual scientiests and all those that are truly working in the Service of The Divine Light, the Source, Love, God, The Void, and everything there is. Peacefully.

And let us welcome our brothers and sisters from space and get to know their view on how it all came about.


One thought on “Religions, thank you all!

  1. joth2012 October 16, 2012 / 9:52 AM

    If YOU have learned something from these religions and approaches that you would like to see mentioned here, please let US know.

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