Ascension Phase 2


If you’ve signed up to receive email notifications from Inelia Benz — — then you received this latest message from her recently too. But because there’s probably many people who haven’t I’m sharing it at TRANSITIONS because this information is important and needs to be known and embodied by as many people now as possible.

I said a few years ago that Phase One of the Ascension Process was all the difficult, painful, dangerous and dirty prep-work — the transmuting of negativity in multiple dimensions and our multiple bodies; integrating and resolving polarity; escaping multidimensional energetic mind control systems and frequency fences; transmuting residual energetic emotional density stuff within our bodies and selves; and for many of us Starseeds/Lightworkers transmuting plenty of past residual negative energies from actions done by both Team Dark and humans across time on 3D Earth and in the 2D Elemental and 4D Astral dimensions primarily.

I also said that Phase Two of the Ascension Process would be about our (meaning the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers) embodying the new higher frequency blueprints first; individually Consciously Creating; and Co-Creating as an ascended 5D group to help anchor the higher frequency energies and energetic systems and blueprints within the ascending Earth and timeline. What Inelia Benz is talking about in her intro article below is about what I’ve called Phase Two. As Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos our jobs and focus have been or are being modified due to this major transition from Phase One to Phase Two.
I was impulsed the other day to go to David Wilcock’s website which only happens when I need to see something specific at that moment. What I personally needed to see was his October 7, 2012 article “Will 2012 Be the Year of Freedom?” because it described the very important changes he’s gone through recently concerning his personal Starseed/Lightworker job and focus. I could relate completely and was very glad to see that he’s made this important shift finally too.

Also, Lisa Renee talks more about this massive shift in her October 2012 article which I’ll quote soon too so when you read it please remember what Inelia is talking about here (and the very important change David Wilcock has recently gone through too and why) because all these articles, including what I’m saying, are connected and talking about the same profound shift and Starseed/Lightworker/Wayshower redirect and changes unfolding today, tomorrow, the next day, next month and so on.

First was the difficult, dark and painful transmuting and integrating of the old lower frequency negative stuff, then secondly, the many-layered embodying (in our bodies, in Earth, and in the different dimensions) of the NEW higher frequencies and much more complex blueprints; new higher frequencies and much more complex energies being transmitted to Earth’s electromagnetic field and new planetary grids; new energetic systems; growing higher consciousness; more Light and less density and so on for the NEW Evolutionary Cycle that’s about to begin for the ascended Earth/Humanity. Exciting times…and all of you deeply exhausted, beat-up, traumatized, battle-weary First/Second/Third Wavers need to dust yourselves off now and take a good look around because Phase One is finished (and very well done everyone) and we’re deep within Phase Two and it will be easy and fast compared to what we’ve already done! Honest.

I know many of us (myself included) have needed and/or wanted to lay down and take a long recuperative nap during 2011 and 2012 in an attempt to heal/transmute what we’ve gone through during Phase One. But now with the Galactic Center (GC) transmitting what it is through the Milky Way galaxy and to our Sun and on to us, Earth, our DNA, our consciousness, our Rewired central nervous systems etc., this is where our jobs become vastly easier and more “normal” feeling to us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos because it’s more like higher frequency Home/Source. We’ve finally reached the point where all of this is much easier so take a deep breath and let go of any Phase One stuff that needs to go now that the new is arriving in Phase Two.

♥ Gratitude to all for doing what each of you have done for All everywhere across time space.

October 12, 2012
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Read the message of Inelia Benz in the next post.


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