New OS

I  am presently in Spain, where I will be attending two events.  One event  is in Barcelona, on the 13th of October 2012, and the second event is  in Madrid on the 20th of October.
And, the information I will be sharing at these times, are that we  now have the capacity, power, and ability to change the Operating System (OS) of the Human Collective, to the New Paradigm version.
The OS is carried within human verbal language, and our DNA.
And Source, Gaia and the Planetary Council needs volunteers to become  conduits for the new OS to enter our Human Collective.  We need  volunteers who speak every modern language on the planet. Spanish,  English, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean,  Portuguese… in short, YOUR MOTHER TONGUE.  If you are reading this  article, it means you are personally being asked to partake in this  download.
This is crucially important.  This informational article needs to be  translated into every language on the planet. Please send your mother  tongue translation to info @, and we will link it to this article, so you can then forward it to everyone you know who speaks that language.

Here are the instructions:
On Saturday 13th at 4pm Spain Time Zone – I will be sharing this information in Barcelona Spain.
On Saturday 20th at 10am Spain Time Zone – I will be sharing this information in Madrid Spain.
On the next Saturday AFTER you read this message.

If you don’t know what the new OS is, ask your higher self to show you first.

Please, if your timezone and calendar allows, at one or all the  allocated times above, go to a public place where it is normal for a  person to sit, such as a cafe, park, beach, or meet with people you know  at an assigned place such as your home or public area, and sit with  your eyes closed and IN SILENCE, with the intention to BECOME A CONDUIT  FOR SOURCE TO UPLOAD THE NEW PARADIGM OPERATING SYSTEM into human collective language (your mother tongue and DNA) throughout time/space.  If your timezone or calendar doesn’t allow to join in the above  allocated times, then do it as soon as you can after reading this  informational article.

I will be joining you for one hour every Saturday from today to the end of 2012.

Share, send, copy/paste to your blog, list, FB page, talk to your local radio stations, TV stations, groups and  friends, and everywhere  you can think of, let them know what you are doing, and ask them to join you in intention.

Informacion en Castellano haz clic aqui.

Inelia Benz


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