God is the Highest Particle

We all think of God and ourselves in material categories. The idea that God is one particle that travels through the Universe (which leaves the question open if we are going to meet up with God in terms of God of The Universe or God of all there is (and is not), which may be two different particles) is outstanding.

This God-particle is then simultaneously connected to all other particles in the Universe and is the most powerful of all particles because it is consciously creating, maintaining and destroying whatever there is (and is not).

It is the last particle, the smallest particle, that one particle that exists in the highest dimensions, however you want to describe it, the most transcendental if you like, impossible to be fully understood when only materially approached, so to say the last “thing” that we can discover because it is the only particle that is able to create new categories just by and for itself , but which can be reached immediately through inner connection, or better which is constantly connected with us by its own will only that we have not been able to constantly be aware of it except those who have ascended.

Once we grasp the idea that the God-particle creates everything out of itself, out of one particle, we understand that we are (only) doing the same thing through being another particle manifesting our own creation in the “God-particle-system”. This system can be influenced by all other particles but to a varying degree depending on their level of consiousness.

So there is one particle from which everything stems. And that particle is everything. And we are each of us another particle in this particle. Has any mathematician or physics expert tried to start calculation from that vantage point?

I’ve once received a formula in meditation. It is of course wrong in terms of today’s used mathematical formulas. But I’ve understood it as a symbolic language in order to explain something.

1 / 0 = x?

If we divide the One by Zero, meaning “what there is” against “what is not” then that is not solvable right now because whatever the x is must make the formular

x * 0 = 1

true which is not true for any number we have.

But when we make the assumption that the One and the Nothingness is the same, meaning


then 1/0=1 and 0/1=0.

Makes me wonder what an assault on the digital world or let me say dual world that is … 


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