Today I enjoyed the sunset on my roof terrace when a fleet of impressively looking clouds were flying by. As I was looking towards the Sun – which I was able to because the Sun was partially covered by some of the great clouds – something like a red number code appeared twice, one in horizontal and one in vertical direction. That may of course also ony have been an optical effect from looking into the sunlight.

As I turned my head towards East certain areas of the clouds would look like being lit up from behind, blinking blue, red and deep purple. I became aware of the huge masses of clouds that looked like different spacehips being lined up in a procession passing by my home.

It immediately reminded me of this article

where the talk is about two cloudships “docking” on to each other above Mt. Rainier.

I am talking about these kinds of clouds – found that photo at

Well, I was sceptical about the cloudship of Mt. Rainier when I read the article, but today I tried to communicate with the cloud spaceships and immediately got response – a sense of being in contact with very positive beings. They were transmitting that everything’s great, that they’re watching and making sure everything’s gonna be sorted out positively. I thankfully offered my respects to the Sun and my Brothers and Sisters in their cloudships.


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