What to learn from Religion and what to give up

Dear All,

Re-Ligion is important to your life and we understand that. It is one of the most beautiful things of Humanity that you have always tried to believe and centered your life on a higher Source, that you call God with many names. Even if you gave up believing in God, still you maintained to a big part of the values and good deeds that have developed from being religious like compassion and the abstaining from stealing and lying.

We want to encourage you to follow your religion as you like. But stay aware that there is a difference between spirituality and religion or let us put it this way: A religion is made up of two parts. One is the spiritual teaching which involves a spiritual goal and spiritual beings that may have founded your religion or influenced it along the way. These spiritual beings are real and they will always assist you in attaining higher levels of consciousness.

The second part of religions consists of their material form which is made up of rules and regulations that are linked to a certain cultural, geographical setting of a specific moment in time and the material organizational structure with positions, power and influence. It is this second part that is problematic.

A set of rules may be very helpful for the development of a religion, but most of them apply only to a specific moment in human development. They are subject to change and change is difficult for established organizational structures and power hierarchies. It takes very enlightened beings to reformulate rules and regulations according to time, place and circumstances. The best is to become spiritually aware as much as possible, develop your own discernment and judge as least as possible on other people’s faith.

Just because a certain form of organization deals with religious matters doesn’t mean it doesn’t lack of the typical material problems that occur in materialistic organization like corporations and governments. People don’t become pure spiritual beings with no egoistic agendas just because they joined a religion and practice it for some years.

So don’t be disappointed about human failures in religions and don’t expect religious rules that are hundreds of years old to apply to all human beings at all times. In fact, to remain stubbornly sticking to hard and fast rules creates the opposite effect of what religions are intending for: awakening all of humanity to higher consciousness.

The diversity of religion is wanted by the Source. It is an expression of the greatness of creation and complexity of the Universe. There is no religion right now on the planet that fits the needs of all people. There have to be different approaches so that people are able to choose the way that fits them. Certain teaching also had been distorted so that new spiritual teachers needed to appear and voice the message again in different words and shape.

Become aware that there is only one way. There is only one way and that way can be used to go up or down. All genuine religious and spiritual teachings show how to go the way up. All negative and destructive forces go the way down. Different religious and spiritual approaches just show that there are innumerable ways to raise consciousness and go the way up.

Real spiritual seekers and practicioners of religion therefore do not fight each other. They respect and learn from each other. In your heart you know that but now it is time to make that insight the standard of religious practice in all religions. Those that ignite quarrel and fighting amongst religions will be exposed as beings that are either wholeheartedly on their way down or, if they do it innocently, are only very slowly going their way up or part of a beginner group of spiritual seekers.

Don’t let yourself become involved in movements that claim to have understood the truth exclusively. There is only one way – that’s right. And that way should be gone upwards. But that may take many forms and the more forms it takes the more beautiful an expression of the unlimitedness of the Source it is.

Re-Ligion means to become reconnected with the Source. Now most of you do practice a path whose original teachers have left since a long time. While they may have been able to have their followers experience Re-Ligion, most of you are following their teachings, practicing their advices and methods, receiving a litte insight into this religious experience and hoping for a big revelation in the future or after leaving that body.

What is going to come for Humanity will be a real Re-Ligion. You will be connected again to the representatives of the Higher Plane. You will receive contact as a whole with much more advanced civilizations that are in direct contact with even more elevated beings of which you can read in your scriptures.

This Re-Ligion will change all of your understanding of the religions that you practice right now. What you will receive by firsthand experience could be called a meta-religion, meaning the religion behind all religions. The consequence of this will not be that all of your religions disappear but that all of your religions will come into fulfillment. You will recognize the truths that are ingrained in your different approaches and paths and the distortions that have been influencing your religions will be eradicated.

Therefore we suggest the real followers of the upward path to unite, pacify, learn from each other and emanate the true meaning of it: love for all beings, love for the creation and love for the Source. The method is humility and servitude for the highest goal, giving and receiving, eradication of egoistic and materialistic motives, acknowledging spiritual principles and wisdom and attaining higher level of consciousness.

In Love

The Council


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