What to learn from the Vedas #1


The Vedic Sanskrit Scriptures have a lot of insights for us that are very useful for the enlightening process. One is the distinction between three different modes of nature, the gunas. Guna means mode and rope. By these ropes we are bound to the material energy. The modes are changing throughout the day and throughout our lives.

The mode of Sattva is pure, clean and peaceful. That is the mode we should strive for. It allows for a peaceful mind and spiritual activities. The mode of Raja is the typical mode of our loud and growing, industrialized megacities. To attain something on the expense of something else – that is Raja. The third mode is Tama: dirtiness, destruction, darkness. That mode should be avoided as much as possible.

Bring your life up to Sattva whenever you can. You probably won’t be able to avoid all Tama and Raja, just do your best. Live peaceful and in a clear and pure state of mind. Then you’ll attain higher levels of consciousness by time automatically.

In Love


photos by: Andreas Hermsdorf, Andrea Damm, Schomber / pixelio.de


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